Saint Anne

c. 50 BC - 12 AD

Saint Anne

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 10, 1979 at 1:26 pm


This Revelation was to the girls attending Saint Anne’s Academy.

“So many times children use My Name and omit the Magnitude of Whom I am. I walked the earth. I was the mother. My Name at that time was Anne. I am now referred to, referred as ‘Saint Anne’.

I bless each prayer. I console each child who requests of Me a favor. And I say to you, My daughters, as I stand Here in the Heavens, ‘All of the Heavenly Beings refer to My Love, My granting things as “Cookies from Heaven” with God’s Blessings attached to give Love and Hope for It to last.’ Remember, My daughters, My Cookies don’t crumble, They always stay intact.

I speak through a woman, a child upon earth, who bears responsibility of Volumes of Worth. Men who try to deny what is, must one day reconcile with The Father their lack of Faith in how He works and what He gives.

I come on this day, it is special in many ways, for I want you to know, as you grow mentally, physically and spiritually, I expect beautiful progress to show. I am with you each day in more ways than you know. I have My Hand on your shoulder even though It does not show, but as It is there to guide every step, the movements you make are important to God, and they must be correct.

Be aware, My children, of the Love I send. Be alert to the Place from Where I am, and know that I, Saint Anne, guide all things around you, and they, too, I hold in My Hand; a Blessing from God and Divine Love from The Heavenly Mother, Who came to the earth to hand to the world the Beauty of Hope, and be The Light for God’s Will to be done for the whole world. So be it.”