Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 20, 1980 at 8:40 pm


“This woman listens to the rustling of My Garment.  I drew her attention to My Way.  As she spoke, I spoke, and there were times in the speech I showed her different things.

My sons, I have appeared many times in the world.  I have appeared to many children.  I have appeared to children of an older age.  I left Messages to be honored, to be obeyed.

Light travels with Me, Light necessary for My arrival with you any day.

I speak through this child in the world, rapidly, slowly, comfortingly, hopefully, interestingly, purposefully, sincerely, honestly, and of course, truthfully.

I speak through a woman.  I speak through a voice.  I speak on the Rays of Light.  I speak verbally.  I speak with intention.  I speak with attention.  I speak deliberately.  I speak vocally.  But the voice that you hear is not My Voice.  It is the voice of an instrument chosen from Here.

The Words that I speak are to remind you, to instruct you, to teach you, and to draw you to Me Here.  In the Direction I give, it is for the good of your mind, your body, your Soul.  In the Love I extend, it is for you to remember His Will, My Will, for you.  In the Light of Hope, through the Words I give, you must remember your time upon the earth is short-lived, but you must live forever.

I speak, and I stand in a Vision.”


Our Lady is surrounded by the Apostles after the Crucifixion.  They are all pleading with Her to help them understand what occurred, why it was truly allowed, for it was unjust.  She is consoling them, She is correcting them, She is instilling in them the Full Meaning of the Crucifixion.

Her Eyes are burning into theirs.  Her Shoulders appear strong, yet weary; Her Figure, not real small, but very graceful, very beautiful, very serious, very sensitive, very refined, very deliberate.  The Light is all around Her.  She is looking into Peter’s face.  He is returning the look.

She says to him: “The trouble is very serious but the work ahead more serious.  You must not delay.  You must not convince yourself it is over.  You must be determined to follow through according to all the Directions He gave.  You must stand forth before all men and say in dignity and truth, the Messages He wants them to have.  You must not omit one thing.  You must persevere and you must always be committed in dedication to what you knew, what you know, what you must do, through what He taught you.  You must stand firm and you must show other men that through your example and through your love for Him, you will follow through on all the Orders He gave for you.

“As you must stand as the foundation, the firmness, the strength and the hope, remember Peter, also you must extend His Justice, His Love, His Mercy, and you must tell men that they, too, must pass on to others the Words that will pass through you.  Remind them of the responsibilities that are so great.  Remind them of why He came this way.  Remind them that they, too, must persevere so others will not be left out of This Great Miracle that He gave.

“Teach them, all of you, to be aware that:  to walk in dignity, to teach others the way, and to stress purity all the way, through the mind, the body, for the good of the Soul.  Teach them obedience to The Holy One.  Teach them of Him, and show all children that you meet, the beauty in how you walked with Him.

“Hold your head high.  Stand firm and be alert, and always know that All the Words that He gave will pass on through time for thousands of years, for anything The Father leaves upon the earth cannot die.  It will remain for all time, for all men.”

“Tonight, My beloved sons, I say these things to you.  I repeat the Words, and I say with Love, Compassion and Hope: ‘Do all things with good in mind.  Do all things with Him in mind, and do all things with the purity of your Soul as the Goal.’ Do not be concerned with what other men think of you, for do not forget, they are weak, they are vulnerable, and they try to draw you down with them because they are in fear of so much.

You must remain in the place you know is good.  You must follow all you know is Truth.  Follow the Light of The Father.  Follow the way of the first Apostles that He taught, and be sure, My sons, that as you do this, you do it in dignity, with integrity, and you look for what example you leave upon the earth.

I spoke earlier to you tonight, and I said to you: ‘If you stand with The Father on the morrow and you look at the earth, what reflection of yourself will you see?  Will you see good or will you see evil?  Will you see that your life had great worth?’

I bless you, My sons, with a Love, perhaps you do not understand, but it is the Love of a Mother, a Heavenly One, and as you are Blessed on the Rays of His Power and in the Power of His Winds, I, your Heavenly Mother, bless you with His Will and say: ‘Let the words that pass through you be good for all who come your way.  Let the Light that shines forth from you be example for men to follow in a perfect way, and let your life be one in which you will be able to look back upon and say, “It was example for all men to arrive God’s Way.”’ So be it.”