Saint Alphonsus Liguori

1696 - 1787

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 16, 1981 at 12:25 pm


“It is difficult for man to understand True Mysticism that is balanced by The Father’s Will, allowed by The Father’s Will, conducted by The Father’s Will, promoted by The Father’s Will, for The Father’s Purpose to be done for the good of man.

It is difficult for men to understand this extreme obedience to Divine Authority, Divine Existence, Divine Intercession.

When most men think of an association with The Father, they base this relationship on their degree of Faith, on their exposure to the words in the Stories passed down through time.

This Great Miracle that has been given to the world is One Alone. Its facets are many. It is like a pure diamond that has been cut by artistic hands, a brilliant mind, through an artist of great renown. Each facet is distinguishable by what radiates from It, through It.

One facet is totally Words of Direction, of Instruction, of Teaching.

Another facet is reminding man of the Importance of what The Father is giving man, has given man, and the Purpose of each Dimension, of each Direction.

Another facet with its very brilliance alerts man to the dangers to each man’s Soul. This particular facet is so bright that All that It reveals has a clarity in Its delivery, for pure understanding of It for the good of men’s Souls.

Another facet is distinct by its color. It showers a rainbow of colors in the Beauty of Sainthood that should be each man’s Goal. Each color points to a way of life, a type of person, showing men of all races, all colors, all creeds, that through their Faith in The Father they are united with Him by the same Goal.

Another facet is the sound of a voice that men can hear say All the Words. This facet has a ring to It and Its very glisten gives tone to All the Words.

Another facet bespeaks the beauty of the family life, the reason for it, how God intended it to be, and of course, the values, the standards, and its goals.

Another facet shouts: ‘Whatever vocation in life you have chosen, use it, perform all actions in it, to give strength to other men in the world. Never belittle your profession, your vocation. Never allow it to be diminished, and understand that as it is a major portion of your life, you will use it as your path to Sainthood as your Goal.’

Another facet, as it turns, shows the beauty of the whole universe, and the need for all men to know that The Father belongs to everyone, and that the Words through This Great Miracle of Hope must travel throughout the world, bearing the Name of Saint Joseph, The Holy Ghost. Men can relate to Either One and they do not fear combining Them. Their resistance stems from a lack of knowledge, a lack of Faith, a lack of observance to how The Father would work.

Another facet shouts in Its very existence, that men must follow the Ten Commandments according to the manner and way in which They were given.

Another facet says to the whole world that The Beloved Saint Joseph must be seen, must be heard throughout the world, and in order to fulfill this Great Commission, a City must be built so that men will not just hear the Words, read the Words, but will have a Place to go to renew their thoughts and to correct their directions, for you see, men sometimes choose paths that are comfortable, accepting less than they should because they do not want the responsibility that another path would make.

There is another facet and this one seems to show the color of all the other facets. It is the reality of the Soul, what the Soul is all about, what The Father expects man to do about the Soul that is a Part of God, This Part that will remain for All Eternity.

As The Holy Ghost is The Third Person of The Blessed Trinity, and as This Spirit of Wisdom, Light, Hope, Love, Mercy and Justice, is not just related to The Father but a Part of The Father, the Soul of each man is to each man a Part of the man, but a Part of The Father that The Father created especially so that men would remain with Him for All Eternity.

I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori. Men must begin to see This Great Miracle, not to satisfy their human curiosity, but for the distinctness It is, to give mankind the Truth, the Facts, in such clarity that there can be no denying the Source from which It comes for the whole world. So be it.”