Saint Athanasius

c. 296 - 373

Saint Athanasius

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 15, 1981


“Speaking so constantly, so consistently with Someone Else’s Words, with Someone Else’s Ideas on Direction, is not the easiest way to live in the world, especially when the Words and the Directions are from Us, Beings not human, but Beings of Supernatural Origin, transmitting positive Directions on the Power of The Father’s Will and in the Wind of His Power, for men to better understand the road to perfection. It is not easy for an instrument to walk totally under the Direction that is not the ideas, the ideals of the normal human will.

We have spread much Light upon the earth, We have divulged many important issues to you and to thousands of others. All did not hear the Words firsthand, but thousands of others were able to read the Directions, the Thoughts, the Ideas, the Prayers.

There has been so much given to mankind through This Great Miracle of Light, of Hope, of Sincere Divine Love for the whole world. It is time men listen, but also follow the Directions. It is also time for men to stop making excuses for their mistakes, their lack of piety, their lack of usefulness, for the Truth to be handed down for all mankind throughout the whole world.

I am Saint Athanasius and I have spoken many times through this instrument, and many times when I spoke, I gave Directions, I gave Information, and I talked about the time in which I lived upon the earth.

It is so necessary for all who hear the Words, who read the Words, to understand that These Words must be forever, for the good of man.

It is true, there are many heresies in your time, but men ignore heresies for then they become so involved in moral issues, immoral issues, that the heresies take a back seat to what is at hand.

The Light of the Heavens is a Light One Alone. The Light of God’s Love shines from His Throne. The Light of His Purity is for all men to see the path to Him for All Eternity. The Light is not a light like you know light to be. It is the Light of Heavenly Grace for a Purpose, for one day you must see the Light of The Father’s Face, the Beauty of His Will and Grace, and the Hope realized that He sent to each of you.

Never ignore gaining Grace. Never ignore the beauty of looking forward to God’s Face, and never feel that you cannot become a Saint, for if you strive for this Goal in mind, if you work every moment of the day doing what you must but never forgetting to pray, the time will come for you to face the Judgment that hopefully will be filled with Supernatural Grace.

You are Blessed, My sons, in ways more than you know. You are Blessed with The Father’s Will and you are Blessed with the knowledge you have gained. You are Blessed with Special Love from The Heavenly Mother, and you must know that All The Saints Here in the Heavens want you to be assured that for every thought you have to do The Father’s Will, for every desire you allow yourself, to realize The Father’s Will is waiting for your will to join with His to accomplish what He Wills for your Soul.

The Light is sent by Him. My Words are in the Light, the Hope is in the Light, and the Beauty of God’s Love allows the Light.

So remember, My sons, place the importance on what you know is right. Place the importance on changes that will make you right, and put much importance on your piety. You do not have to walk around with your hands pointed in His Direction, but when you work with your hands, offer the labor to Him. When you work with your mind, offer the labor to Him. When you work, giving to others, sacrifice, love, hope, offer it to Him.

You are Blessed by His Love. You are Blessed by His Light. You are Blessed because you are here tonight. The Father knows that you are here because of Him, because of what you know is right. A Special Blessing of a Special Grace pours through the Light to give you the strength to endure, and yes, to persevere for His Will to be done with your will, until one day you come Here. So be it.”