God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 10, 1981 at 5:55 pm


“I have given the world so much. I have expressed My Love in so many ways. I have directed men in Truth so they would understand My Will for them. I have entrusted to man a means to earn Grace. I have endowed men with Faith to better understand Me.

Each day I express through a Miracle of Hope, My Desire for men to seek more a direct path to Me. I have encouraged men to be obedient to The Rules I gave man to follow in many ways. I gave man Parts of Me, and through These Parts I showed man, through Example, what I expected of them. I constantly encourage man to seek piety. I created man for a Great Purpose. It is My Will that all men return My Soul to Me. There is so much that men ignore because they are unwilling to set aside their weaknesses.

I am The Father of all mankind, and I am The Creator of all mankind, and men must begin to have the Faith in how I would work, how I would express My Will, and how I would present My Intentions for the good of men. I have given the world many Gifts, great Gifts, and men have chosen to ignore these Gifts because they have accepted self-love above loving Me.

Some men say it is strange, it cannot be, that God would speak through a mere human being. Look back in time and it has been this way from the beginning of time. I use My children to teach others of My children, My Will, My Words, My Way.

There are so many blasphemies, there are so many sacrilegious acts and actions being performed every moment of the day against My Will, My Being, My Purity. This Great Gift I have handed to man must be seen for Its Greatness, Its Worth, Its Beauty, Its Importance, Its Purpose. All chosen manners and ways in which I give Direction, give Hope, give Understanding, display My Total Love, My Sincerity, My Desire for My children. The time has come when men must see the Importance of Faith in Me, the delicacy of Faith in Me and the Purpose for which this Faith has been given.

Men rarely pray in Honor to Me. Their prayers have mixed emotions, lack tranquility, have confusion in their very essence, and there is a great lack of Faith in the prayer that is said. Men do not understand the value of respect. Men do not see the necessity for penance.

I am showing the child a Soul begging to not be sent for reparation. The arms are outstretched to Me, the terror in the eyes is difficult for her, and yet I show her where this particular case had been forewarned a multitude of times, and no change was made to correct the errors against Me. I have no alternative but to see that this Soul make reparation, because under these conditions and circumstances, I cannot allow It to enter My Kingdom. It is a sight, a viewing, she will never forget, but in this act of impression, she will better be able to pass My Instruction, My Teaching, My Direction, on to you. As this Soul slips from view, It is on Its way to cleansing according to the necessary means.

This Great Miracle has been sent to the world as a Gift from Me to avoid Souls being lost for All Eternity. So be it.”