Saint Athanasius

c. 296 - 373

Saint Athanasius

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 10, 1982


“People should talk to their Souls. When was the last time you talked to your Soul? It’s a Part of you. You talk to your Guardian Angel once in awhile. You should talk to your Soul, It’s a Part of God that is to be with Him for All Eternity, and assure this Soul that you will do everything you can to make It a Saint.

So, tonight before you go to bed, remember to talk to your Soul because your Soul is very much a Part of you. Your Soul is very much a Part of your everyday living. If you lost your temper today or you were unjust to anyone you know, if you gossiped, if you committed any sin against any of The Commandments, tonight your Soul might have a little scar on It that wasn’t there this morning. Souls do scar, and if this offense against God continues in the same way, the scar can be deeper tomorrow or the next day, and it is necessary to perform acts of penance to eliminate the scar from your Soul.

And when you talk to your Soul tonight or tomorrow, be assured that your Soul hears you, even though you cannot see your Soul, and it is actually a Gift of Love from God that you cannot see your Soul. You might be so discouraged that you would not try to make It a Saint.

Through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, All of Heaven has spoken to thousands and thousands of people, not just the group here. This child, this woman, this instrument, has spoken to thousands of people, not with self-acclaim in mind, but to give each man the opportunity to listen firsthand to God’s Will, for the sake of each man’s Soul.

You cannot plead ignorance to what you know is Truth. You cannot act with indifference to what you know is right. You cannot make excuses for yourself or anyone else. When God is offended, the Soul is scarred and the Soul’s Light is diminished because of self-love or arrogance.

The world has been given millions of Words of Direction, of Hope. People ignore What is given because they say, ‘This is a new world,’ but I, Saint Athanasius say, ‘You live in a time of many heretics, much heresy, and desecration in many ways.’

I am a Saint. I stand in the Heavens and I am but One Who speaks through this instrument of Light and of Hope. There are many men who surround her, feel the Light that radiates through her, around her and within her, and they do not know Its Great Worth. Some do not recognize What It is. They deem to guess, they seem to know, but in reality there is more wonderment, and that is the part that shows.

This child, this woman, this instrument is never without Us in the human role. The Light that passes forth to the world through this great instrument of Words, passing to the ears, through the minds of thousands of children, must be seen in the manner Decreed by The Holy Trinity.

Be mindful, My children, that to stand in Truth any time, any era of man’s existence in the world, is difficult, because men try to destroy what is good; men work at destroying what they cannot handle according to their own moods.

We shout through the instrument, ‘Do not walk in a lethargy, a laziness, a disinterest,’ and men hear These Words but they toss These Words around within their mind, in their mouth, and then the practice of These Words does not occur in the manner We have requested it to be.

Your Soul is Special to God, It is Special to you, and you must know this, and you must speak to your Soul, make promises to your Soul, and keep these promises that you decide to be.

The Light of the Heavens expresses Hope. The Light of the Heavens touches Each One of your Souls, and as This Light comes through This Great Miracle many times, I must tell you this: Your Soul bows to the Light, refreshes Itself in the Light, and hopes that the Light will strengthen you so one day the Soul will stand in Glory before God in Heaven, as a Saint.

It would be foolish for you to not believe What I have spoken, for there is Hope in What I have said. It would be foolish for you to think it to be otherwise, because tonight before you lay your head, your Soul will wait for you to speak and your Soul will respond with a Love not human. But you can be assured the Light from the Heavens and the Strength in your Soul will give you strength to conquer things when you are weak.

A Blessing comes to those who have Faith in The Father, a Blessing beyond man’s knowledge or understanding, but I, Saint Athanasius, say with a Special Love from a Saint, ‘Do not set aside your privilege or your responsibility to your Soul; make It a Saint.’ So be it.”