Saint Therese
of Lisieux

1873 - 1897

Saint Therese of Lisieux

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 2, 1985


“Many Saints in the Heavens have spoken many times to encourage, to give hope and to give strength to a child, an instrument. Sometimes the armor became thin because of the hurts, the delays, and the enemies.

Remember, My children, that hope without Faith is nothing. Faith with hope is much.

I am a Saint in Heaven and though this child knew she was never without Us, the human exhaustion, the human will, the human love, the human desire, the human hope, the human frustration, the human feelings cried out, ‘Let it be done so I may be freed from the rope.’

Many times the struggle was quite difficult for the rope, as she tugged, became tighter. We would shout and say: ‘Don’t pull so hard, it will happen in God’s Way, God’s Time. Take each day and live it as best you can for We are dealing with the wills of man. Let your will be only His and you will survive. Don’t tug at the rope, child, or you will die.’

As I stand in the Heavens many men would deny I would speak through this child, this woman, and they would say My Words were a lie; but I speak openly to each of you here and I say: ‘I am a Saint you all know of, I walked “The Little Way”. I had a will, a very strong will. This one I speak through has the same type of will I had in My day.’

I come on this night with Love for each of you and I say: ‘Do not pray the wrong way; pray for His Will, not yours, to be done. Pray that your love will show through every act, through every word, through every step that you take, for you see, then happiness, hope and Faith will be your guidelines in every way.’

The Light of God’s Love is a Powerful Light. It shines bright for you know that All of Heaven comes forth through This Miracle that shares with those who believe, a Love of Great Hope.

The instrument God chose has a mission to do. The mission is to teach His Love to the whole world and to you. It is a timeless Miracle and It is endless in Its Way.

Remember tonight, before you lay your head, say:

‘God, help me to have the Faith to know what I can do to save my own Soul, and as I learn this manner of way, help me to be example so I may help others to follow the best way. Help me to not sin, help me to know, help me to give all I am for the good of my Soul.’

Oh, My children, it is difficult sometimes to say to Him:

‘Your Will I trust in. Take my will, God, and do with it what You Will.’

You are Blessed, My children, on this night, and We want you to remember What was spoken tonight. Trust in God first and trust all the way, and your Faith will grow every time you pray.

I walked what men called ‘A Little Way’. In my own way I felt inadequate, and now that I am Here in the Heavens I know it was the only way for me to walk, for I did not have the strength or power, the knowledge or the ability to walk a great way. I thank God every day that He gave Me the chance to walk what men term ‘The Little Way’.

Some men have walked as great heroes, some have walked in intelligent ways. This Miracle of Light, This Miracle of Hope spreads Faith to the world in a strong way. So be it.”