Saint Catherine of Siena

1347 - 1380

Saint Catherine of Siena

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 13, 1985


“My children, I am Saint Catherine of Siena. I stood upon the earth like you. I instructed in many ways, more than men have written My way.

There were times of disappointments, times wherein I stood so strong that What I said rang like the bells in the tower. The clarity was there, the firmness was there, the rhythm was there, the Truth was there, and then it was as though the bells would stop and the Words were gone.

So it is with This Great Miracle of Light and of Hope, of Example, of Truth. This Miracle is One Alone in the world, but This Miracle is based on what God wants of each man, woman, and child’s Soul.

Be deliberate in goodness. Be conscientious in goodness. Reflect only goodness. Respect charity, express charity, give charity, and with it handle each Gift as though it were a Ray of Hope. Do it with love. Do it in service to God. Do it in His Name, not yours.

He will know which little Light it came from. He will know, because you see, He is ever present in your midst, and He uses each of Us Here in the Heavens to guide, to give strength, because We, too, walked the earth.

We know your problems, We know your hurts, We know your aims, We know your goals, We know your selfishness. We say sometimes to the One Who guards you, an Angel, ‘Watch out now, take care, alert the child, not too strongly, the child is fragile in that way.’

The Angel knows what We are about. The Angel knows what We talk about. The Angel hears Our very Words. The Soul responds in the degree of Light you have encouraged It to have, you have given It through your acts of love, through the example you have spread.

Men say The Saints cannot speak in the time in which you live. We speak through This Great Miracle that some men fear and some men dread, for through the Teachings that We give, the Direction that We hand to everyone who hears, everyone who reads the Words We have spoken, We hand firsthand God’s Love, in service to Him Here.

As you stand upon the earth remember one thing and remember it well, that if you walk in service to God, helping other men, women and children, you serve Him in the Light of His Manner of Giving, in the Light of His Manner of Hope.

Remember, My children, All The Saints in Heaven walked like you walk. We did. The time, We dressed a different way; the time, We had a different means of many other things that you have progressed in, in your way, your day; but I, Saint Catherine of Siena say, ‘Service to God has always been, service to The Creator of all mankind will never end.’

Be a servant to God, do it with love, and you will find those around you grow in so many ways that you will find kindness, charity, respect and hope returning to you in many ways.

The Light of the Heavens never ceases when Faith is expressed to God in any way: small, in just a short prayer, an act, or a big promise that you carry out because you care.

God’s Love is Infinite. God’s Love is for each child in the world. Be cautious how you use That Love, for remember, That Love will give you the strength to come Here. So be it.”