Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 19, 1985


“In the time in which you and this child live, there is so little imitation of what Christianity is all about, what It was meant to be. Caution has been given to many through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, and whether men, women and children can truly accept Me, Saint Joseph, as The Holy Spirit, is not the important issue.

Some people say that as I took the form of a man upon the earth, I would speak through a man. I say, ‘Why?’ when The Heavenly Mother was the Epitome of Life, for all womanhood.

My sons, you cannot hear the Voice that I spoke when I was upon the earth, but My Voice comes through a very soft voice to you upon the earth.

I tell you in a story form, a beautiful way, and in this story form I tell you that I did one day look your way, but during that time it was for a specific, special reason. It was so that the Will of The Father could be done, that the Example of Family could be seen, followed, and of course, I worked to put food on the table, so clothes and shelter could be available.

I protected in every way I could, obvious to those who knew Us, and when The Son began to teach, to men of great intelligence, His Mother and I would stand back and smile, for We knew that the time that would be given for the establishment, the foundation of Christianity, to reach what It should reach, had to be begun so time would not be wasted.

Men say I am ‘The Worker’. This is true, for it is important for men, women and children to understand the importance of working, for in work there is stability of mind, body, and yes, Soul. A busy man, woman or child is a constructive force for others to see, and the example of this constructive force gives hope, and yes, even liberty.

As you listen to Me tonight, I speak from Heaven Where I am, through a voice you hear and understand. You would not understand more if this voice were loud. You would not understand or feel any differently than you do if this voice was coupled with another voice, for you must remember, the History God has placed upon the earth, He uses one voice at a time, to instruct, to declare, to command, to correct. He uses one voice to lead the way to the Promised Land. He uses one voice, no matter what the tone of it is, for men not to get confused by the sound of two voices or two directions, so man will follow only one and see the logic in the Plan.

My sons, do not ignore My Words and do not say it cannot be, for if you do, you are wasting time listening to Me. I have Blessed you many times from the Heavens. I watch you every day in every way you walk. I hear everything you say, for I am The Spirit of The Father, I am The Spirit of the Heavens, I am The Wisdom, I am The Light, I am The Hope, I am The Ray. And when you pray, even though you do not mention My Name, the Power of Whom I Am walks with you every day.

So when you are in trouble, I say to you tonight, ‘As you pray to The Mother of all mankind, the Prayer She loves so much to hear, the repetition of Her Name, and then you say “The Memorare” in such a childish Faith, I give you a prayer tonight for you to say, for in this prayer you will find a Ray of Hope and a bit of Light to help you through each day:

“Saint Joseph, give me the strength to be the Way You were, the Provider, the Protector and the Guide, so that everyone who sees me will find the example that is necessary for them to follow, that will give their life more hope.”’

I have given you this short prayer. It is a Prayer of Love, and I say to you, My sons, on this night: ‘Never allow anyone to discourage your Faith in God. Never allow anyone to diminish your Guidelines that God Himself gave to the world as the Light for men to follow day and night. The Ten Commandments are for all mankind and They are not just for certain hours of the day, but God’s Ten Commandments cover every part of your life and are for every moment of every day.’

Be blessed, My sons, by The Father’s Will. Be blessed by The Heavenly Mother’s Love and Grace. And I bless you with the Hope that you will follow the Guidelines of God’s Love and reach Here, Where I am for All Time, in All Ways. So be it.”