God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 6, 1986 at 4:55 pm


“I come today to speak of several things. I will begin with the disgrace that is practiced throughout the world by men of all races, colors, creeds. I hear them shout justice, I hear them shout taking sides on governmental issues. I see them practice immorality, and rarely do I hear them shout, ‘We must change our ways and be mindful of what God expects of us.’

In another area, there are many men and some women declaring proudly, loudly of their intimacy with Me, of their virtues and also of their daily practices in, on, for issues of spirituality that they feel gives them superior knowledge, status and power in My Name.

Next, I see people complaining and at the same time proclaiming the tragedy that has befallen man through abuses to the physical body, to the mental, and of course, to the Spiritual desecration caused by so-called drugs and liquid that drains the body of strength, causes depression in many, and weakens those who become addicted to it, victims of it, as it comes in many degrees of strength, some bearing fancy names, some bearing names with supposedly elegant drawing names, making one feel the elegance or the price justifies the drinking of it. However man justifies this weakness, it all can be added up as excuse, running away from the beauty of reality, wanting to hide responsibility, practicality and reasonableness attached to the physical life.

Then comes another subject, certainly not less important than the above, but it has its threatening factor on the physical, the mental, the emotional and the Spiritual of each one’s life. This, of course, is improper treatment of the body, treating the body in less than an animalistic way, and there are many subjects under this desecration to the body that have become so much a part of so many people’s immorality that they do not make excuses for it, they declare it as human passion, human need, human desire, human enjoyment, human necessity, and they justify it all by saying it in one phrase: ‘It’s human nature.’ Some even go so far as to justify it by saying, ‘It’s the oldest sin in existence.’

Now I must speak on mankind’s unreasonable lack of accepting responsibility in the dignity, for the purpose and the reasons I gave this special way of life to mankind. Responsibility, when it is properly handled, is a distraction from immorality, and of course, has a purpose to it beyond this, wherein responsibility gives dignity to life. It encourages talent, charity, strength, hope, self-esteem, pride in one’s moral view, standards; and responsibility, in its very essence, gives everyone a sound purpose for living their daily life.

There are so many Lessons I have taught through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, for This Great Miracle of Teaching was to give to the world My Love in a manner understandable, and in a way easy for mankind to follow.

Love for Me is obedience to Me. Love My Way is to remember Who I Am, What I Am, and the Purpose for which I created all things.

Prayer is simple, talk to Me. I communicate more than you realize. I have communicated for several years through This Great Miracle. Those who deny This Miracle may argue points, but wisdom will tell them all that is good for them is evident in just reading All that has been given to them.

I bless the whole world through This Great Miracle. The Blessings will be in the degree in which each child accepts My Love, always remembering, My Love is Free. So be it.”