Saint John Vianney

1786 - 1859

Saint John Vianney

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 4, 1987


“A Spiritual mother has a tremendous obligation to God first, because she walks in His Name twenty-four hours a day.  A Spiritual mother is accountable to God for the title alone, not accountable to any earthly reason such as bearing a child or being the mother of a child.  It is a Very Important Task and way of life.

A Spiritual mother takes on the fantasies of everyone that she is responsible for, she takes on the facts that each one lives with every day, and she takes on the hopes and the dreams, the worries and the cares, the kindnesses, the charity, also the lack of charity, the indifferences, the unkindnesses that the Spiritual children oftentimes do out of selfishness, out of anger, out of their own egos, and for many other reasons.

It is much easier to be a mother of a family than a Spiritual mother of God’s many children.  To scold is very difficult.  To reprimand, very hurtful.  To console, not always easy, for fear of it weakening some part, some portion of the child.  To stand in strength, tiring, very unemotional, and always there.  A Spiritual mother would never accept the job if it was laid out in its full essence because it would be too insurmountable to handle, to care about, and to want to do.

The mother of a family has a tremendous responsibility, just as the father in a family has.  Grandparents have tremendous responsibilities but they differ in many ways than the parents of a family.  Grandparents are an extension of the family and they are expected to understand and to know and to feel many things that so many people feel security in.  Grandparents are security, parents have the important role of the immediate control, direction, caring, supporting.

A Spiritual mother or father has the responsibility of seeing what a child, no matter what age the child is, seeing what the child is actually thinking, doing, how the child is acting, where the child is going spiritually.  The child can be out of work or the child can be the most successful human being in the world; the Spiritual mother does not base anything on this.  The Spiritual mother or father bases this child’s Spiritual growth on what is actively seen:  kindness, generosity, charity, hope, sincerity, and then there is a great concern, worry, if all these things are opposite and they are wrong for the good of the Soul.

When Roman Catholics go into the confessional and they truly mean it when they say, ‘Bless me, Father, for I have sinned; it is such and such a time since my last confession,’ and this person, no matter what age, is kneeling before a priest, whether the priest is a Monsignor, a Bishop, a Cardinal, or the Holy Father, the basic job as a priest is the principal factor here.  Compare this with how you walk in life, to a Spiritual mother or father.  It does not make any difference what vocation you have, it is what you are doing according to God’s Will that is important to the Spiritual mother or the Spiritual father, just as your moral code of ethics, the way you live, should be the only factor to the priest in the confessional.

As I speak through this woman on this night, All I have spoken through her, from the time she began to speak until she leaves you, has been and will be for you to better understand the necessity to reach for purity, in spite of what has gone on in the past.  As long as you have the beat of your heart, an active mind, the ability to say ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘I Can’, ‘I Can’t’, ‘I Will’, ‘I Won’t’, you have the opportunity to grow spiritually, to grow in purity and reach for perfection, for the good of your Soul.

I am Saint John Vianney.  I have spoken so many times through this instrument, to you and to many other people.  The Father has allowed this time in the world to give mankind a chance to grow more purely, in a direct manner, for the good of the Soul.

I hold her in a manner in which, by which, through which, with which, My Words can be passed through her to you the most pure way; of course, not through a being as a being is, but through the Life, the Living function of her Soul.

The Beauty of This Great Miracle upon the earth is to teach mankind that they are individually the custodian of their own Soul, and that is why This Great Miracle comes to the world so constantly, so consistently, through the Soul of one human being, for the benefit of the Souls of millions of human beings.

The reason I tell you this tonight, and I have spoken it before, is to help you to better understand that the Soul is an Important Part of you, a Living Part of you.  It will be the Remaining Part of you when the physical time ends.

Remember What I have spoken, and remember at all times of the day, no matter what hour, that you are the custodian of a Soul, a Portion of The Father.  You have a responsibility that you must control.

I bless you from the Heavens and I add to this Blessing: ‘As you are the custodian of your own Soul, you have the responsibility of being pure example for the good of others’ Souls.’  So be it.”