Saint Aloysius

1568 - 1591

Saint Aloysius

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 11, 1987


“God sends Light to the world in many ways. He sends Light through Words, He sends Light through people who love God so much that they are good example. He sends tradition. He sends things for us to hang onto, to cling to, to strengthen us. He gives both men and women the same kind of things to hang onto, and He gives those who have Faith in Him hope, but He gives them also, things like statues, Holy Water, Crucifixes, prayers, things that remind them, to help them and give them courage to go on.

Tonight, in this room, if there was no courage, no hope, no enlightenment, no charity, no love, no consideration, no goal, it would be a very emotional sad room. It is not a sad room. It is a room filled with Supernatural Enlightenment, Supernatural Hope and Supernatural Goal. It is a room with charity. It is a room wherein, even though people may not be truly concerned about each other, it is a room that if someone were to walk in here and try to harm someone, we would all come to the person’s aid. Not one of us would sit back. We would act in protection of one another.

That is what God does to all of us. When we are in need and when we are in trouble, when we are low in hope, low in courage, we have Him. A small ejaculation1 [brief prayer], a small prayer, a small act of love, a small act of encouragement to someone else, bounces right back to us and gives us a Special Gift called ‘Grace’.

If one person were to walk in this room and be rebellious toward The Miracle, I am confident that everyone in the room would defend The Miracle, because of your Faith in God and because in your heart you know that what you have, what you have been given is Truth, It’s Beautiful, and It’s Strengthening for the benefit of your Soul.

I am Saint Aloysius. I have spoken so many times through this instrument. I have many times been sent to give her the strength to go on when things were difficult, timing was tiring, and hope was almost nil. I have spoken through her to many men, women and children. I did not always announce My Name, for what I was to say was more important than My Name being announced at that time.

I hold her deeply and I say, ‘God’s Gifts are many to those who ask for the Gifts and to those who treat the Gifts with respect, honor and dignity.’ Nothing is ever refused when it is requested in a loving way, for a good reason or purpose. True, it is not always in the manner you desire but the balance is there, for with God nothing is out of balance, nothing is short-changed, nothing is given halfway.

When a child prays, no matter how short the prayer, no matter how quietly it is spoken or thought, or revealed through an action, The Father is aware. Sometimes The Father, in His Blessing to a child, extends so much Grace because the child needs that extra help to go another day.

The Light of Heaven is everywhere you are, when you have the courage and the strength to say to The Father: ‘I believe What You Are. I know You Are All Things. I know I am blessed by the mere thought from You. I love You, God, hold me close to You.’

We Here in the Heavens oftentimes watch over children who do not know how to pray. We look at their deeds, We look at their smiles, We look at their cares, We look at their woes, and We ask The Father to find some human source to teach the children the Beauty of Him so they, too, can love Him in special ways. He smiles and He says: ‘My Will, will be done. I see the child, and in that child I see that Portion of Me yearning to return to Me, yet standing guard with the child.’

As you are in the world today, there is so much for you to do. Some of you pray extensively. Some of you pray in small ways. Some of you have Faith that in comparison to others is boundless in its way. Some of you have Faith that is growing day by day. Some of you can grow faster than you are, but you hold yourself back because you see the human element before the Soul.

You are Blessed in so many ways, My daughters. The Light that is extended to you, in your heart and in your Soul, is a Supernatural Light of Hope. It will one day be returned as the Light of your Soul. So be it.”

1 In Christianity, an ejaculation (also known as “aspiration”) refers to a brief prayer that anyone can use to communicate with God at any time, in any situation. Examples: I love You, God, or Thank You, God.