Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 20, 1987


“Many times Heaven speaks very boldly, sometimes very quietly, sometimes in such a way that men, women, even children question, ‘Could it truly be something Heaven would say?’

To walk a tightrope every day, listening to a Voice you cannot hear, responding to Direction you cannot see, accepting responsibility for What is spoken, teaching What is delivered, is not what man would understand as normal, but it is normal to this woman through whom I speak.

What has been spoken to you on this day in your time is something for you to think about, something for you to recognize, something for you to look into and see if It affects your own life. Lessons visible to your eye should make you understand how much you are cared for, cared about, and how deeply I feel for the Salvation of your Soul.

You call Me ‘Mother’. I am The Heavenly Mother. You call Me ‘Blessed’. I am Blessed. You call Me ‘The Queen of Heaven’. I am The Queen of Heaven. You say prayers repetitively to Me. I listen, I do not miss one word. You say, ‘I’m too tired to pray the Rosary tonight,’ and I say, ‘Begin it, at least begin it, and perhaps you will find the time and the energy to finish it in My Name, for a Soul, your own or someone else’s.’

Always remember, My little ones, that time is precious to man, but time is precious to God, time is precious to Me, for as I speak to you in your tongue so you can understand what I want of you, how I feel, I want you to also realize that I am taking the time to do this, just for you.

Heavenly Light has shined on many children, many times, always will. You have experienced many Blessings, and as long as you ask for Them you will receive Them. We love to hear a child say: ‘Please, bless me. Help me. Be with me. Stay close to me. Don’t leave me. I need You.’ This is like music to Our Ears, not ears as you know ears to be, for it is true We Are A Mystery.

But never forget that as your love shines from where you are, Our Love for you shines from Where We are, in a Light of Greatness, in a Light of Power, in a Light of Hope, in a Light of Strength, delivered direct to where you are. Never feel that a prayer is unanswered. Never feel that We have not heard your plea, your cry, your yearning. Never feel you are alone. Never feel that all is against you.

There is so much in Heaven yet to be shown, yet to be given, yet to be delivered. There is so much Mystery to be revealed. For some it will not be until the time you stand before The Father, and yes, before Me, but whatever time it is and the Mystery is shown, all the effort, all the love, all the strength, all the good example you have extended, will add up to one very special role.

Think of your life. Think of how you live it and think of it written on a scroll: the day of your conception, the time of your conception, the time you were in the womb, all the things you heard, and then that moment when you were born into the world. What a precious time, what a glorious moment, the beginning for you as the custodian of your Soul. And then you learned all the things of the human ways. You learned that ‘Yes’ meant one thing, ‘No’ another. You learned all the habits of life. You learned the importance of cleanliness, and yes, you were taught that you are the custodian of your Soul.

Remember What I have spoken as well as you can, and These Words will pass down through time, man to man. And when others read the Words, some will be touched greatly by Them. Others will wonder, ‘Did She really speak?’ and then if they will but say, ‘Please help me believe,’ Grace will be extended to them, as it is to each who listen to Me.

You are Blessed, My sons, in many ways. You are Blessed with the Gift of Faith, you are Blessed with the Light of Hope, and yes, you are Blessed with a Mother’s Love that you can honestly say was a Special Blessing from The Mother of God to you today. So be it.”