Saint Alphonsus Liguori

1696 - 1787

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 17, 1988


“The Miracle Of Saint Joseph has given so much in Direction, Time, to many, many people. When such a Miracle comes to the earth It leaves a Mark on everyone It touches, on Every Word spoken, because the Mark is Divinely Rendered for the benefit of each person’s Soul.

It is not easy to be a True Mystic for such a Great Miracle. It is never something taken for granted and it is never something that does not bear a tremendous responsibility for Every Word spoken.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph many times appears casual, many times appears as though what is being spoken is natural, and many times appears as though it is a normal conversation between two human beings, or one human being with many human beings.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph is not the most ignored Miracle in the world, but It is a Miracle of Great Depth. It is a Miracle of Giving, a Miracle of Serving, a Miracle of Hope, a Miracle of Love, a Miracle of Responsibility, and a Miracle that comes direct from All of Heaven.

Men, women and children throughout the world will one day read What has been transmitted through This Great Miracle. Men will say, ‘What truly was The Miracle?’ It can be explained properly in a very simple way.

When The Son of God was present upon the earth He spoke in the tongue of the people who listened. He spoke simply, He spoke understandingly, He spoke as a Friend, He spoke as a Father, He spoke as a Teacher, and He spoke of the necessity of obedience to a Higher Will. He spoke of men’s will, and what responsibility it had. He spoke of the beauty of obedience to The Rules that had been set down through another man, for the benefit of mankind.

Today in your time, the same type of Teaching goes on in the language of your way, for it has become one of the most common languages amongst many kinds of people throughout the world. It is a language to be understood for it is a simple language in many ways.

You are not standing on dirt, listening to what is spoken. You are not standing in a temple, listening to a Man speak. You are in closed quarters listening, through a soft voice, Many of Us Here in the Heavens giving you Direction, Hope, and teaching you, as the people were taught many, many years ago, reminding you that you have Another Life to walk into, and That Part of you is a Part of God.

You have heard it casually said that you were created to the Image and Likeness of God, but you did not think too deeply on that Very Important Part of you, the Soul, only because you cannot see It, you cannot feel It; but there is Something within you that you are aware of because of your innate knowledge of right and wrong, your ability to think, your ability to make decisions, your ability to walk when you want to walk, your ability to change your thoughts when you want to change them, your ability to strive for success, your ability to say, ‘I do not want to be a failure.’

It is not just that part of you that you are aware of. There’s Something deeper inside each one that tells right from wrong, good from evil, and encourages you to walk away from what is not right.

Sometimes you do not understand why or how this feeling is so deep within you, but if you could take this time in your life to better understand That Part of you, you cannot see, you cannot feel, that encourages you, discourages you, as being That Part of God that protects you, That Part of you that wants to return to God for All Eternity. You are never without That Part, no matter what you are doing, right or wrong, no matter whether you are at work or in the temple.

My sons, I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori. I speak slowly through this child upon the earth because I want all things I have spoken to remain in your being, so you can understand the Importance of life, so you can take the time to see sacrifice as a doing, as a giving, as a practice, so you can see this time in your life is not one for mediocre tasks to be approached in a lackadaisical way, but see the importance of every moment of every day of your life.

You do not have to be a legal mind. You do not have to say, ‘I have an average above all others; my intellect tells me what is right, what is wrong.’ I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori say, ‘It is more than your intellect that tells you what is right and what is wrong.’

Tonight can be a beginning of you turning each day into hope, into strength, into energy you did not know you were capable of. Tonight can be the beginning of saying:

‘I realize, God, that my small sacrifices are not enough. I want to do more to serve You, to grow in Grace, so that my Soul will one day have Its rightful Place back with You for All Eternity.’

It is true, Many of Us Who walked the earth, Who you now know as ‘Saint’, did not think These Words out loud, but now that We are Here, not because some man decided We would have the Title ‘Saint’, but because The Father gave Us the Privilege to be with Him, We want you to understand there is a Place for each of you Where We are.

The Place waits. There is no hurry for any of you to take it upon yourself to say, ‘I want to hurry there tonight, it sounds so wonderful to me.’ When the time comes, be ready for it, but be ready to take the Place that waits.

When the Soul faces The Father, there is nothing on the earth that can describe the Joy, the Happiness, the Peace, the Honor, the Dignity, the Solemnity. There is nothing in the world that can take that Place.

It is worth your while now to prepare in every way you can, and always remember, your acts, your actions, your example, your speech, your look, is what will count in the Final Decision when the time comes to stand before The Crown. So be it.”