Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 1, 1989


“Many times, when I have spoken through this instrument, I have spoken in such a strong voice that the frailty of her human body would collapse under the Power that I would use in reaching men, women and children of all ages. It is difficult to walk such a path and see that only honesty must be recognized, truth must be shown and purpose explained.

Men say, ‘I feel within me a Power unknown to me at other times.’ Men say, ‘I feel a Light, sometimes I see a Light, not just through the Words, but through the Presence of This Great Miracle.’

When My Name was first announced, that This Great Miracle would bear My Name, the instrument through whom I speak, and have spoken thousands and thousands and thousands of times, was concerned because of the Position I held, and that I stood for men.

We used to talk many times, Many of Us Here, through this instrument, to convince her that it was not a case of gender, but a case of Importance for the world to receive the Messages. And sometimes, when I would speak with much too much Power within her, The Heavenly Queen would alert Me to the frailty, as the child fell to the ground, totally encompassed by the Power I demonstrated. As I would lift her to her feet, demanding that no one touch her, no one but I would touch her, it was difficult for some to understand, but at that moment she was totally in My Command.

Men, women and children walk the earth and they make many promises to Many Here, but they do not have the capability to fulfill their promises because their promises are beyond what they understand is needed to fulfill these promises. I do not say, ‘Do not make promises,’ but I do say, ‘Keep these promises within the realm of your abilities so you can fulfill your promises for the good of your Soul.’

There are so many things yet to be told. There are so many subjects yet to be touched upon, and there are so Many Saints Here in the Heavens that have yet to speak through This Great Miracle that bears My Name.

The Angels, in the beginning of This Great Miracle, were told to go and speak with her. She would try to ignore Them. In Their lightness, Their love for This Miracle, They would ask her to sing with Them. Her anger showed, her temper showed, and she would try to dismiss Them, but in her love for The Father she would respond to the request gently, and We would watch this woman in the world struggle because it was not her will to sing with Them.

This may sound like a light subject but it is not, for there have been so many times that obedience to a Command, to a Request, to a Statement, to a Direction from Here was not easy for her to comply with. Time, in passing, has changed much of this.

Many men, women and children try to find error, fault, so the denial of What is spoken is easy for them to accept. ‘Denial, for what reason?’ I say. Faith in The Father, faith in all that is right, all that is good, is what The Father wants for each human being, but there are so many people in the world who devote so much time to wrong for selfish reasons, that you must understand that your Faith must recognize Truth, your Faith must hold fast to the Truth, and you must prepare your Soul for a Hereafter.

As the day ends there is a beginning. As the beginning moves into each moment, each moment is a beginning. There is great promise for those who understand that Faith is an important issue for every human being on water or on land.

Men are conquering so many things now, but the most important thing for man to conquer is a willfulness, a sinfulness, and impurities that not only attack the Soul but attach themselves to the Soul.

If there was nothing more for you to live for, imagine what a terrible place the world would be. You have been given the Direction, the Reason, the Way and the Hope for you to follow every day of your time upon the earth. Ask yourself, if this time was not important, why would the one through whom I speak use it in This Manner? Ask yourself also, why would you be here?

I bless you in many ways, but I bless you with the Light of Hope, through an instrument that bears the name, ‘a True Mystic of The Father’, bound through a will to do His Will under all conditions, in all situations, at all times, as He Decrees it to be for the good of Souls. So be it.”