Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 4, 1990


“When Heaven speaks, it is for all mankind. It is for the good of mankind, it is for the motivation for all men, women and children to understand, within the individual, a need for protecting the Soul, a need for moral values, a need for sound moral standards, a need for goodness, and to reject ugliness, foulness, and to reject all that is impure.

I have spoken so many times through this woman in the world. I have spoken on a personal basis, I have spoken on an impersonal basis to thousands of people. She is a target for those who have disbelief, but even those always remember her presence at a given time.

Thousands and thousands and thousands of people throughout the world are searching for the answers to how to live a better life, how to become a better human being. They do not want to look at what has been written before, they do not want to read the past; they want to know what is now, for them to see and feel, honor, respect, and hold as a form of life for more Spiritual growth, for more Spiritual happiness.

As I speak through this instrument, this child, this woman, she is totally obedient to Our Will, Our Way. This is difficult for man to understand, for man to comprehend, because man is used to using his own will, to display his own feelings.

As I speak through her tonight, as your Heavenly Mother I say: ‘Look back on all the things I have spoken before. Look at these things with and as the Direction that can guide you in your daily life.’

Do not feel it is too troublesome, too tiring, but understand that your routine during the day is sometimes boring, sometimes difficult, sometimes tiring, but if you use this routine, and add to it a constant remembrance that you bear, you contain a Soul, a Portion of The Father, and that This needs nourishment every moment of the day for the benefit to be gained later.

Remember this Precious Portion of yourself, your Soul. Be aware that only you can keep It pure, only you can make It pure, and only you have the will to stand up for what is right, what is truth, what is pure. Sometimes you are handed a sign, a small sign, something to make you feel what is being spoken about. Your Soul is more than what has been shown to you tonight, but it has been done this way to make you aware that This is your Contact, your Connection to God. The Soul will remain long after the physical is gone.

If you, during the next days, make it a habit to think of your Soul, examine your conscience regarding your Soul, and let no man, woman or child distract you from it, you will find a happiness within you, assurance within you, a Spiritual growth within you that no one would be able to take from you, no matter what they did, what they said.

I am your Heavenly Mother and I come to you on this night because you are Loved greatly, deeply, sincerely, more than you will ever be able to comprehend in your physical life, but one day when your Soul arrives Here Where We are, the Glory is far beyond any light you can possibly understand or see or feel or recognize, or even believe in, until that Moment of Decision when you face The Father.

The Soul is not something as a toy. The Soul is the Most Important Part of your being. It is a Precious Gift of Divine Love The Father gave and gives to every human being.

I bless you with a Mother’s Love and I bless you with The Father’s Will for you, that you will strive for Sainthood, conquer all your weaknesses and reach for purity. Make it a habit, and make it a habit you will never break, for you have been given more Love, more Blessing, because of your sincere Faith. So be it.”