God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 6, 1990


“I have placed a woman in the world in the midst of thousands of people, and I must say and describe it to you this way: When you look at a star, you do not understand nor do you realize the full substance of the star, but you look at it as a shining light, something pleasing to the eye; but each night you do not look at the same star, for sometimes there are clouds covering the light. So it is in your human life, the star that shines is your Faith in Me, and sometimes it dwindles when you do not feel a closeness to Me.

You are children of Mine; you bear Part of Me. I call It ‘a Soul’. You know It to be a Soul. Some day, when the physical ends, you will understand the Magnitude of the Light of the Soul that I handed to each human being at the moment of conception.

Even though you do not see that Light that shines within you each day of your life, oftentimes you do remember Me, through a prayer, through a request, through a word of hope, through a word of endearment, and sometimes you even say, ‘Thanks.’ I smile at this.

You do not know Me. I am more things than you understand. I am more ways than you can comprehend. I Am, as you once heard it to be, I Am All Things.

The Part of Me that I gave to man is a Light, a Light distinct in Its own way, a Light that compares to no other light, in the Heavens, in the universe or on the land.

The Light is a Part of Me, for it is true, whether men disagree or agree, you are, you were, born to the Image and Likeness of Me. I gave an intellect, I gave a will, I gave sight, I gave feeling, I gave hope, I gave respect, I gave love, I gave mercy, I gave humanity.

Be blessed, My sons, and know that as you spoke tonight, My Presence was in your midst. I listened to everything you said and I want you to remember this: Your honesty, your distinctiveness in how you think, your love for what is right, what is good, what is sound, I love to hear, for you see, your hope, your Faith means much to Me, for as I am The Father of all mankind, I am The Creator of All Things.

So few men would believe These Words that I have spoken for they would say: ‘Why would The Father speak through a child in the world? Why would she deserve this?’ But I want you to know that as I speak to you on this night, all men should understand that what they are all about in the world, I Am The Controller Of, I Am The Giver Of, And I Am Always In Command.

You are Blessed by My Presence, by My Words, My Love, and I say, ‘You must remember to give thanks for your Faith, for you see, your Faith is what keeps you close to Me, your Faith is what protects That Soul that is Part of Me.’ So be it.”