Saint Margaret Mary

1647 - 1690

Saint Margaret Mary

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 26, 1990


“We are All smiling Here in the Heavens. I have not spoken for a long time through This Great Miracle upon the earth. I speak tonight because of My closeness to His Heart. I am Saint Margaret Mary.

The child, the instrument through whom I speak, speaks All Things of Ours from her heart, through her Soul, with Our Words in every sentence, every paragraph, on every subject, with Total Love from Here.

Your heart beats. The Father’s Heart beats in a different way than yours. The Father Is Life, The Father Is Hope, The Father Is Kindness, The Father Is Justice, The Father Is a Love beyond the love you understand, you can comprehend.

I stand with this instrument on this night, closer perhaps than you can imagine, for as I speak through her Soul to you, it is the Strength of this Communication that holds her erect, for the physical is truly beyond repair.

Men, women and children speak of love. It is a degree of love that they understand, it is a degree of love they can comprehend. It is a degree of giving and receiving. It is a human love. It is so minute to the Love The Father has for all children.

The Portion of Himself that He has placed within each human being is what makes you understand the need for hope, the need for love, the need for good, the need to give of yourself, the need for good example. It is This Portion of Him that is yet within your being, that concentrates on the Purpose for human life.

I will give you a prayer. It will be short and if you say this prayer each day, it will help you better understand the beauty of prayer and the closeness that prayer affords you when you communicate with prayer at any time of the day or night, and the prayer is this:

‘God, help me to recognize all things that are good. Help me to reject all that displeases You. Help me to understand the Gift of life. Help me to do all things Your Way with my will.’ So be it.”