Saint Teresa
of Avila

1515 - 1582

Saint Teresa of Avila

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 10, 1991


“As I speak through this daughter in the world, I speak with much Love for the daughters present here. I am Saint Teresa of Avila.

I will speak more slowly through her, as I have done in the beginning here tonight, for the physical is about to collapse. You think of collapse as just dropping with an inability to function in any way. I say to you on this night, ‘Her ability to function physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, is only due to obedience to Our Commands.’

This daughter lives under strict rules, rules unfamiliar to most. This daughter listens to Me many, many times as I direct her to direct you for the benefit of your Souls. Every human being’s Soul is an Important Part of The Father. Every human being’s Soul is there for a particular reason.

You must understand that the human body in weakness, physical, could not withstand the Power that We extend when We enter, in the form and the manner and the way and the degree that We do, through this daughter who looks and lives in many ways as you.

Be conscious of all that is right. Be conscious of all that is wrong. Be aware of the value of the right so you will not fall into the trap of the wrong.

I teach you as I taught other daughters one day. I made them think for themselves, and I spoke openly to each one so they would not fail to understand The Father’s Will, for the benefit of their Soul.

You must believe that The Father sees you every moment of the day. You must not become so involved in trying to understand it that you forget to feel it, to know it, to recognize it, and behave properly, so that your Soul will receive the Blessings necessary for Sainthood one day.

The Father did not send This Miracle to the world for one child to be recognized. This Great Miracle was sent to the world for the world to recognize, in more ways, the Greatness of The Beloved One that you call ‘Saint Joseph’. This Great Miracle was put upon the earth at the Time Dictated by The Father, for mankind to understand the Power of This Particular One, the Greatness, the Importance of The Spirit of The Father that is extended to everyone who will listen, who will read, and who will see the Value of the Teachings that have been passed on to the whole world, and yet have not reached the whole world as first intended They should be.

The Words must flow through the air. The Words must pass from one to the other, for Direction is there for everyone of every type of talent, every degree of intelligence, to learn more and to better understand the value of living with soundness in values, soundness in standards, soundness in morals, and yes, do all things in an ethical manner.

This Great Miracle has been given to the world for so many reasons, to teach men of high stature humility, and how to love, in the right manner, the vocation they chose at a particular time of their life.

The Power that I pass through this daughter will be with her again for three days, for it is difficult to release her totally, for the body could break, the body could crumble, for the body is weak because of so much in obligations, in obedience, in mental Teachings.

You are Blessed for your Faith, but I, Saint Teresa of Avila, will say to you, ‘You will be blessed more if you practice your Faith in more ways than you do at the present time.’ Faith is a Gift from The Father. Deep Faith is a Blessing beyond what words can say. The deeper your Faith in What He Is All About, what you are all about, will certainly make you a Saint.

Knowing something, not practicing it, is of no use. It is like one who has a talent in the world and never uses it; it is put to waste. Faith is like a beautiful Gift. It should never be abused, it should never be taken for granted and it should always be held as a Treasure, and yes, it should be practiced every moment of the day, for as you lay your head at night and you say prayers of love and thanksgiving, it is a practice of Faith that He is listening.

This small act that you perform is recorded in a Special Place, not on paper as you know records to be, but in the Brilliance of the Light of The Father’s Will; because, do not forget, there is a Portion of Him in you that shines His Way every day and night. So be it.”