Saint Joan of Arc

c. 1412 - 1431

Saint Joan of Arc

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 18, 1991


“When this child was Confirmed, the choice of names came up, and the choice was frivolous at times, names that were appealing, and We Here in the Heavens pointed to one name that had to be. The name was not accepted at first, and of course, the child, not knowing the Energy and the Force that was encouraging this particular name, was going to defy the idea of the name, but We Here in the Heavens named her and she did not know why that name came about.

The name was questioned by many when she said openly what the name would be, and the name was ‘Joan’. The big argument was, ‘Does it go with the rest of my name?’ and We in the Heavens smiled and said, ‘What you think and what you feel, We understand, but there is a purpose for the name, because in many ways you will follow a path similar to a warrior in another time, in another place, for other measures of Faith.’

I am Saint Joan and I have spoken many times through this woman in the world. When This Great Miracle was announced, the innocence that was expressed was very much like the innocence I had, in much younger years than she, but there was a determination to fulfill whatever God intended This Great Miracle to be. The only questioning that came forth was: ‘Is this positively what God wants? I do not want to do wrong where This Great Miracle is concerned.’

Through the years since the time I walked the earth, I have been present at different times of what you would call ‘training a child to listen’, but in this particular case, it was obvious the concern for Truth was constantly evident, and still is. The concern for everyone who listened has always been and still is and always will be.

The Facts that have been delivered to thousands of people are Facts that should make everyone a Saint, if they did not just listen, but acted upon the Direction according to the manner and the matter that was meant to be.

So many in the world have read the Words. Many have said, ‘These Words must not have been made up; They are Pure of Thought and Pure of Direction.’ There are so many out there, teaching for self-acclaim. There has been none of this in This Great Miracle.

I remember the time I stripped myself of a garment that meant ‘a warrior for God’. It was really untimely at the time, but I felt as long as I was not on the battlefield I should not wear the garment of a warrior. We have stopped this instrument many times from making, not a mistake, but a judgment as I had made, because This Miracle will go on as long as The Father Decrees it to be. You will be the recipients of Heaven’s Words, Heaven’s Directions as long as The Father Wills it to be.

My death upon the earth was timely according to man, but not timely according to The Father. In some ways the timing was similar to the timing of The Son of The Father: it was not The Father’s Will it be done at that time.

There is much Protection in This Great Miracle for those who truly have the Faith to believe and those who yearn to learn more about the Beauty of his or her own Soul.

I speak slowly tonight so you will understand that We truly stand by this instrument every moment of the day and the night, and it is true that as her expression changes, as her humor sometimes changes, as her attitude changes, it is because of Our Manner of Direction through her, and many times because of her love for human beings who love The Father.

It is difficult for mankind to understand that someone can stand so many times, using so many Words, and yet all These Words could be defined as being directed to the same point of direction: My sons, that is Sainthood; remember this.

In the beginning tonight, when she began to speak to you, the humor over becoming a Saint so no one else would be praying to you,1 We encouraged her to say it, because if every human being thought that you could only become a Saint if you were recognized by someone, there would not be millions of Saints Here in Heaven, and I promise you there are millions of Saints, Beautiful Souls, surrounding Me as I speak to you.

As I send My Love, I send The Father’s Blessing, and yes, you must understand this: The Beloved Heavenly Queen is ever watchful over you. Never feel that you are not in Her Sight. You are, for your Soul is so Important, no stain does She want on It, because She wants you, at the moment you are called. She wants no stopover. She wants you to be able to rise as soon as possible to the Place that is set aside, Where The Father waits for the Soul that is a Part of Him, to be returned to Him Stainless, Glowing, Beautiful.

Many Stories have been written about the way I walked the earth. Yes, it was difficult at such a young age to understand why certain things were being done, why I was involved with so many men, but as this woman stands before you on this night, since birth she has been surrounded by many men. Some were considered friends, some were considered family, and then, when the time came and you were all brought before her, thousands of others were also brought, placed there. They all got the same attention. Some rejected; some said, ‘Some day I’ll return,’ but you have been Blessed, you have been gifted, for you are here tonight to hear the Words.

Do not forget, ‘Pray to Me, I listen; I am Saint Joan.’

1 Refers to earlier in the meeting when the men were told, in a humorous way, not to be concerned if no one ever recognized them as a Saint, because there was one good thing about not being recognized; they wouldn’t be bothered with everyone praying to them. All they would have to worry about were the missions that God would send them on.