God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 23, 1991


“In the time of Moses, when Moses stood amongst people such as are present here tonight, he too did not want to look or feel different in any form, in any way, but when I took him to the mountain and I held him there, he was in complete obedience to My Will and My Way, My Words, My Direction, and What I wanted delivered for a long time to come.

I gave him very little rest. I instilled in him a great degree of knowledge, a great degree of wisdom and a great degree of understanding, and an ability to pass this on verbally, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, for the good of Souls. All the Words that I gave to this man on a mountain were not delivered fully by those who were taught What I wanted to be taught.

Today, in the time in which you live, you have much responsibility. Many men of all races, all colors, all creeds, would say I would not use a woman, I would use a man at this time in the world. How can man decide what I would use, My Reasons for who I would choose, and yet men stand in judgment, even on this night, against this instrument who speaks My Words distinctly, lovingly and purely, through the Soul, to you.

I use a Soul. The Soul, as Part of the physical, is the manner which and how I speak to you. Many men say, ‘The Father would not speak.’ Who knows better than The Father, Who would speak?

To speak through an instrument, men of all kinds would expect Me to shout. If I am angry I shout, but there is no reason to shout on this night to you, for the Soul I hold, the Soul I speak through, is as your Soul Who listens intently to My Words on this night.

I want you to read again and again the Words I spoke through this Specific Letter to all men.1

So many in the world imitate My Form of Ecstasy in a human being. Their manner of so-called ‘acceptance’ to someone speaking through them has many versions and many false backgrounds.

Why would I not speak? You know I have spoken before. I use one seed to deliver My Will, My Way. The Soul accepts the Delivery. The physical says, ‘God, not again,’ but then submission of the will to My Will, What I Want Delivered, is Important to Me.

Many men and women walk the earth, wanting a Special Blessing such as This, but I, your Father say, ‘The degree of responsibility is beyond man’s ability to discern; a Power a human body must accept at a time such as This, it is indiscernible by human standards.’

Thousands and thousands and thousands of Words have been given to you and others, telling of the responsibility of the Soul, That Portion of Me that is within each one here and in each human being throughout the world.

I will tell you something you could not recognize now, as My Words flow through this instrument who looks like you, feels many ways like you feel, but there would be a joy in the Words if the joy would extend to you happiness, laughter, and something to relax you so you could leave here and say, ‘Wasn’t that a fun time?’ But I want you to leave here on this night and remember that it was a Blessed Time, a Blest Time, and a Time that is not always repeated in a lifetime.

It is not natural for a human being to want to be held so tightly, because the will wants the freedom to act, but it took a long ‘Preparation’ for this woman you know, to accept this manner of living, this form of speech, this acceptance of My Will, so you could be reached.

I give her moments of lightness, for the physical is extremely frail. The physical I speak through is fragile, and has become more so because of the Power that I use to reach you, for the benefit of your Soul, and to give you the strength to pass on to others, through example, through words, through everything you do.

I have spoken much today, to give her the strength to be with you tonight. It has been a very tiring, difficult time, and what you do not know is she has just apologized because she was so tired, but she speaks like this to Me, but in truth, she would hide her tiredness from you; she always has, and you have My Word, she always will.

If you go someplace tonight and you say, ‘Do you know Who spoke at a meeting I was at?’ and you told someone in a loving way, they might even laugh. But that’s what they did to Moses. He said, ‘I have a Message; you must listen.’ ‘Who gave the Message?’ ‘The Almighty One.’ ‘Who are you, Moses, to have Him speak? Who are you, for Him to use in such a grand manner?’ And I say to you tonight, Moses’ answer is and was the same as hers.

You are Loved much. There is no preparation for My Words through her. My Words come with Love, Understanding, for you are children that I put in the world.

Every child born to the world is born for a Purpose. Every child does not reach the fulfillment humanly expected, but I always look for that Soul to rise above all questions, all wrong, for you see, the enemy is always around, trying desperately to gather Souls, to take That Part of Me that I gave to you at the moment of conception.

You are Blessed in many ways. Your presence here tonight is a Blessing you could not understand. Your presence here tonight is your will as man.

I hold her deeper than you know. The body belongs to Me, because of the responsibility her will has accepted. I must give her time to relax after this ordeal for, in reality, the human body says, ‘I feel I will break, my God, under this Task.’ So be it.”

1 Refers to the Revelation delivered by God the Father on October 18, 1991 at 1:25 p.m., which had been read earlier in the meeting, to the women in The Society Of The Little Way.