God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 27, 1991 at 12:30 pm


“Since I have handed so much of My Will to the world, many men and women have rejected the Meaning of My Words, not because they felt They were wrong, but because they felt they would have to change their formula for daily living, their actions and their manner of speech, plus the way in which they would pray to Me.

The world is in great tragedy because of the disrespect and the lack of feeling for Me, and My Way and My Will. Many say I would not be The One to speak, to deliver Words of Direction. Many feel this would be beyond the ability to believe.

I have spoken many, many, many times. I have directed Many Here with Me to speak many, many, many times.

One time when I spoke, a long time before this time in your life, I spoke in a deliberate manner to ‘one’ such as the one through whom I speak now. He listened, he absorbed, and in the absorbing of My Direction, as I instilled My Will to be done, it gave him the strength to pass on to those present at that time, and billions since that time, My Rules for life.

These Rules were given so that mankind would have Direct Instructions to live morally bound in every way. These Rules have never stripped mankind of happiness, of joy, of love, of justice, of hope, but These Rules have given My Love, My Hope, and a direct line to My Will for how I want mankind to return to Me, That Portion of Me called ‘a Soul’.

I speak and have spoken through a human form again, and I want the world to know, I want all races, all colors, all creeds, to read My Words and the Words of Others I have directed to speak.

I hold this instrument of mine in deep ecstasy, for the Power I pass through her human form is more Power than any human mind could ever conjure up. Man’s intellect, ability, could never imitate My Power, for It is beyond human relationship, human understanding, human ability. It is not easy to be at My Command so much, so often, for in so many ways personal identity is in the background of human living.

More will be given on My Instructions regarding what I want mankind to see as the Proper Rules of life.

I have given This Great Miracle to the world at a time that I found necessary. I, as I did before to a man in the world, I take her into an area of existence not understandable by other human beings, but it is through this existence that I reach you and all who will listen. Sometimes when I speak, or Those Here with Me speak, it is not recognizable to those who are hearing What is spoken. They understand the Words or Conversation to be totally of human origin.

Faith in Me is a powerful Gift, and when it is practiced with dignity, respect, love and trust in My Will, it is recognized by Me immediately, and needless to say, I respond with a Blessing beyond man’s ability to see, hear or feel.

I will release her slowly, for the Power with which I hold her is to the human body much different and takes much energy.

I love you and I ask you to respond by loving Me and doing My Will, My Way.”