Saint Therese
of Lisieux

1873 - 1897

Saint Therese of Lisieux

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 16, 1992 at 5:09 pm


“I am Saint Therese of Lisieux. I am always near this woman in the world who has been handed a Task difficult for mankind to understand, but in reality, it would be impossible for mankind to understand how she receives so many Teachings and Formal Revelations dictated through her Soul, picked up by the intellect, and spoken through the voice box. It is a pattern in which The Father has designed This Great Miracle, to teach the whole world about the Importance of what the human life was created for.

Small children must be taught to practice respect in many areas of life, because through respect there is a discipline that controls the actions, the behavior, and the mental acceptance of whether a situation is moral or immoral.

Self-control is a necessary discipline because it allows the individual to recognize the value of a thought, a word, an action that calls for agreement or disagreement.

There are so many areas cultivated, totally based on immorality, debasing to the human mind, the human body, and dangerous to that Precious Gift of Love, the Soul.

Children of all ages fall into a pattern, whether it is right or wrong, because it is available, and they do not have the self-discipline to ferret out the sound values or the sound standards for the benefit of their Souls.

I could speak to you in French. I could speak to you in German. I could speak to you in all the languages that are spoken throughout the world, but it would be a waste of time and would have no value to it, so I speak to you in a language you understand, one in which you are comfortable in reading, and able to learn from Its content.

As I stood in the world in the vocation of my way, I oftentimes in my prayers would ask The Father to give me the strength to understand fully how I could be with Him forever. I used every means of communication I was capable of. I talked softly. I used my sadness to attract His Attention, and I told Him how lonely I was when I felt He was not completely present where I was. I told Him in the language of my way, my heritage. He understood.

You must talk to Him in the language of your way. Let Him know how you feel. Let Him know if you love Him, if you want to please Him. Ask His forgiveness for your faults, and do not omit the smallest fault. Ask Him to give you the strength to endure the little things that are difficult for you. Ask Him to instruct you in how to pray. He will, you know. He will do this through your Soul.

These things are not difficult for you to do, for you to say. Talk to Him in your own personal way. Do not feel that your only communication with Him is when you kneel to pray.

Children are not being taught about the Beautiful Gift of Light that they hold within themselves day and night. This Close Connection with The Father has Great Meaning to It, Great Purpose, and definitely is a Personal Love from The Father, for It is a Constant Means of Communication, whether you realize it or not.

It is sad when We hear people think that they have to be present at a particular place to be heard by The Father. They do not understand that He is a Constant Part of their whole being. He never leaves. As you walk on the street, you ride in an automobile, He goes with you. His Presence is constantly present within you.

Remember What I have spoken, for in the darkest hours, you are never alone. In the saddest times you are never without Him, and in times when you feel no one agrees with you or understands what you are feeling, He does. He is the Greatest Comfort, that forgotten Part of you, your Soul. So be it.”