Saint Bernard

c. 1090 - 1153

Saint Bernard

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 23, 1992 at 4:10 pm


“I am Saint Bernard. We come in a moment’s notice through the Soul, the intellect, the voice box of this woman in the world.

The Lesson1 you have just received regarding the importance of practicing self-control, self-discipline for the benefit of Souls, is important to your Soul.

Anger, when it is allowed to be harmful to another human being, when it is just venting one’s emotions, irritations, is a sin. Venial though it may be, it is a sin. Mankind does not want to hear this. Mankind wants tolerance of all the human emotions, passions and feelings that are irritating to one’s type of living, position in living, workplace or authority.

So Many of Us Here in the Heavens, wait for The Father to tell Us We have permission to inject into This Great Miracle a Lesson that will help others understand the importance of all the senses of man: speech, light, touch, sound. You say, ‘Is there not another one?’ Let Me give you the opportunity to think about this, for if We hand you everything, it can eliminate your process of thinking, your process of looking into the fullness of a topic, a situation, or a practice of communication with others.

You live in a time of so many men, women, and even children, accepting impurities that are devastating to their Souls, because at the time the act, actions or circumstances are occurring, they eliminate looking into the whole of what is truly happening, and they fall into the trap that is set to demoralize them. It is demeaning to their Soul.

Man has a phrase loosely used, seldom practiced, unless it is for the physical appearance or monetary gain, and the phrase is: ‘Practice what you preach.’ It would be wise for mankind to look more deeply into what is spoken, what is suggested, what is proposed, and not let one of the facets of it be either sidetracked or omitted, because that one facet, like the one word missing in the senses, could mean a loss of control, a lack of understanding to the fullest degree.

Mankind says: ‘I have made a permanent commitment to God. I intend to use my whole life to serve Him.’ When this is spoken, it is usually spoken with sincerity, but until all the facets of such a commitment are looked into fully, logically and with sincerity for the benefits to be received, such a commitment would lack not just sincerity, but the ability to be accomplished correctly, properly.

Every Lesson that God allows and has allowed to be handed to mankind could have a Title, but the reason there are no Titles on everything is, man has a way of remembering a Title, and then slowly depending upon the Title and forgetting the full Message.

Your act of love, in working in This Great Miracle, is Blessed in so many ways. Never forget: someone, somewhere, sometime, near or far from where you are, might read the Words and it will change the whole course of his or her life. So be it.”

1 Refers to a previous Lesson to the people present at this time.