Saint Dominic

1170 - 1221

Saint Dominic

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 24, 1992 at 5:10 pm


“I am Saint Dominic. As I look at the world upon which you live, in which you live, I am always ready to serve The Father’s Will for the benefit of all Souls throughout the world. There is so much attention by The Father at This Time, using All of Us Here to strive to protect the Souls of mankind.

There are so many desecrations to The Blessed Sacrament, by men who are close to This Sacrament, who have the power of being the dispensers of This Sacrament. Even though so many people throughout the world are recognizing the lack of respect to This Sacrament of that Precious Gift, The Son of God, they do not speak up at the sacrilegious approach, denial, and handling of It.

There are so many excuses for this negligence. There are too many people throughout the world, taking It for granted. There are more than you know, using This Sacred Gift in wrong manners, wrong ways, abusing It.

This Miracle has been given to the world to inform mankind of so many things, so much that should be and must be corrected, and so many areas that must be returned to the dignity of solemnity, and stop being used by the frivolous, humanistic evaluations of not only those in charge, but those who stand by as participants.

Prayer is no longer looked upon as a means of an Act of Faith. It is oftentimes rambled through because it is felt an obligation, not a privilege, not a sincere communication.

The men who are responsible to teach, to instruct, to correct, to lead those who follow Christianity in formal ways, must understand that the responsibility to stand in dignity and openly confirm one’s beliefs must be done immediately, else more sacrilege, more abominations will occur.

Mankind is so indifferent, and in another way, so afraid to stand up to the so-called ‘authority’, when in reality, the congregation, the members of this particular organization have rights, have obligations, and most certainly have the opportunity to demand respect and demand that the abominations be stopped.

The authority must be told, must be shown, not by a few but by many, because there are many in charge whose faith is based totally on the accumulation of monies, profit, and the position they hold in authority.

There have been other times in Church History when abominations have been prevalent. The time in which you live is a time man calls ‘modernization’. There is not one of the portions of this word standing for what you feel is right, is good for the time in which you live, is acceptable.

Why is it so easy to stand up for a generalization of what is acceptable, and so difficult to stand up for what should be correct in the Faith you hold dear, the respect necessary for The Sacrament that represents a Great Sacrifice, for the Soul to come Here? A Gift of Love should never be cast aside. This Gift of Love I speak of is the Greatest Gift man could ever receive.

Man has a saying. I may use it slightly different than you say: ‘No greater love has man than to give his love, his life, for his country.’ I say to you now, ‘No greater love should man be concerned with than the love that should be returned to The Father for all He has given to man.’ So be it.”