Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 10, 1992 at 5:07 pm


“For the most part, man forgets that all things that exist had a beginning and all things were created for a purpose, perhaps all created in a different manner for a different reason, and all in a different content of material matter or Spiritual means.

Mankind goes through life rarely thinking that each day can be a beginning of something new, something important to begin and/or to expand upon, for the benefits that can be for the mind, body, the surroundings, or the Soul.

Man oftentimes gets enthused over seeing the beginning of something in their life or someone else’s life. Beginnings give strength many times, give hope, assurance. Beginnings seem to give enthusiasm. I am your Heavenly Mother.

Every time We see a child renew a promise to lead a purer life, to strive for Sainthood, there is much happiness, and in Our Way We try to encourage the child of any age to not falter, to see each day, each moment of every day as strength to keep the beginning alive, because We know there are so many distractions, so many disturbances that can interfere and cause the individual to become so absorbed in what has occurred that they forget that important thing they began. This is common for man.

Through This Miracle that has taught and taught and taught about the Importance of the Soul, repetitively in several ways, encouraging mankind to see the Value of the Soul, the Reason for the Soul, the Love The Father has for the Soul and the Goal that He has for the Soul, Sainthood, bearing the individual’s name, man must realize that most beginnings begin with the thoughts, the intentions, the desires, the hopes, the dreams, to better one’s self and to strive for Something Higher.

Today is a good time to start beginning to begin to save one’s Soul, using every effort of mind and body, basing this beginning on not deviating one bit from the intended Goal. It can be done. It has been accomplished by others.

Do not think negatively; think positively: ‘I will become a Saint. I will do all things to change what must be changed. I will do these things intentionally, no matter what criticism will come my way, for I cannot expect others to understand my Goal in life is to become a Saint, through being man.’ So be it.”