Saint Alphonsus Liguori

1696 - 1787

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 11, 1992 at 1:15 pm


“I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori. I have had the privilege to speak through This Miracle several times. It is indeed a privilege to be a Part of helping those who are in a way of life that is the beginning of Great Sainthood. In the human element of living day by day, mankind has the ability and the time to use, to better understand why he or she was born as man.

This Miracle is giving to the world, not excluding anyone; that is, anyone who can be reached through the word of mouth and through the Written Word, Instructions on how to become a Saint.

In the human life, man looks for success, man looks for progress, man looks for importance to be gained by what he does or she does, and much importance is understood to be something that others see, desire, and sometimes envy.

It is most important for all races, all colors, all creeds to look at Sainthood in the Beauty It is, and the Ultimate Goal, where there is nothing more to strive for, nothing more to work for, except to please The Father’s Will. There is no envy in Heaven.

Man says, ‘I need light.’ Man finds it difficult to live without light. The Soul that is within each human being is Divine Light, and This is the Portion of man The Father wants returned to Him, because This Portion is of God, and It bears a Light beyond man’s knowledge of light.

Hell has no light, Hell has no happiness. There is all envy, hate, jealousy, hurt, anger, and many more areas man is familiar with that are totally unpleasant, totally unhappy.

There is another thing in Hell that is devastating to the Soul, and that is the shame that is placed within the Soul when The Father takes the Soul, and has to deny that Soul the Fullness of All of Heaven, because the Soul bears the name of the one who acted so against The Father’s Will.

The Soul does not go to Hell, but there is a portion of man that does. Upon the earth man seeks happiness, constantly seeking love, enjoyment, and does not want harm in any form; in fact, when physical or mental harm is obvious, it affects man in many ways.

I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori say, ‘This Miracle is to instruct, to teach, to direct mankind’s thinking to follow purity of mind and body, example, for the benefit of one’s Soul.’ When This Revelation gets out amongst mankind, many learned men and women will try very hard to see the Value of It, see the Reasonability in It, and the Logic It contains.

I sincerely hope they will call on Me, and perhaps in some manner I will be able to explain It so they will understand It in the Sound Value It is, in the Reality It is, because you see, I want mankind to not fight This Miracle, but to see It for Its Great Worth, so all Souls will return to The Father as He Wills it to be. So be it.”