Saint Teresa
of Avila

1515 - 1582

Saint Teresa of Avila

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 11, 1992 at 4:36 pm


“I am Saint Teresa of Avila. In the time in which I lived, we faced many obstacles. There were many objections to the orders I would deliver to be accomplished, because I felt they would in many ways aid the Order I was a part of.

It is true, I discussed much with a Spiritual Advisor, but after discussing many issues, I would come to my decisions, and be responsible for them.

I was always concerned with the status of the Souls of those under my jurisdiction. I spoke openly many times in deliberate conversation, instructing those who were there to persevere, and in the perseverance, be sure to tell The Father that they wished, they desired and hoped they would be doing His Will, and that their Soul would one day return to Him in a Glorified State of Living.

True, I was strict in my manner of direction, because I sincerely cared about each woman that I was in charge of, regarding the running my particular portion of my Order.

I spoke in another language than yours, but we understood each other. As I come through this Beautiful Miracle in the world, I know that All that has been given is for the benefit of Souls, to alert mankind to the Importance of life, and continuously observe the status of the Soul that was given to them through their birth.

It is sadness Here Where We Are, to see so much indiscretion obvious to the importance of walking in the Priesthood, or as a nun in the Spiritual role. It is also sadness to see mankind reacting to satanic pleasures, for more are doing this than you can see in the manner in which you walk.

Man is usually afraid of a deadly enemy, but somehow man does not see satan in this form. He is, you know, a deadly enemy.

There are many evangelists throughout the world speaking what they feel, directions, thoughts, encouraging in their own way, many without secure knowledge, full knowledge of the value of spirituality, the importance of spirituality, and what spirituality truly contains.

So many who believe they can teach are not instructing in the proper manner, nor are they fully informed in the subjects they are teaching, yet millions of people are following this misrepresentation of sound Spiritual values, sound Spiritual standards, based on the fullness of God’s Commandments.

I realize the strength in which I speak is difficult on the one through whom I speak, for her body is delicate, her nature is delicate, and the strength that is continuously used by Us Here, is totally aware of the delicate strength in her voice box and in her physical.

There are so Many Here in the Heavens, what man would call ‘wander in’, speaking in a natural manner, speaking through this woman in the world, speaking casually, speaking informally, and yet the Words that pour forth are Ours. We use her in many ways. Many men, women and children could not handle, nor could they understand that What passes through her firsthand, is not her manner of speaking, nor is it her thoughts, nor her plans.

You are blessed because of your Faith, your love, your work, and as I leave you I want you to know: All the Words, All the Lessons, All the Instructions, All the Directions, that will be passed from you throughout the world, will leave a Mark that you will never see, but you can be assured that Every Word will be watched by Us, and every child who picks up one page or many pages, We will be present. It may not be One of Us you know by Name, but it is a guarantee, Someone will be looking over the shoulder of the child or the adult. So be it.”