Saint Elizabeth

1st century

Saint Elizabeth

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 13, 1992 at 2:55 pm


“I am Saint Elizabeth. In This Beautiful Miracle, mankind is having such a close association with so Many of Us Here. We did not have this advantage in Our time of life. This is a Blessing beyond what man could ever imagine, beyond what any human being could even put into a real life story. It is incomprehensible. It has a beauty, a love, a tenderness, a hope, personal communication that some men and women strive for, but a Miracle such as This could only be accomplished when It would be provided by The Father Himself.

Heaven is a very Real Place. When We look down upon the earth, from Where We are, and We see so many men, women and children neglected in spirituality, neglected in direction that would help them better understand the True Purpose of human life, no way could God’s Commandments have remained for three thousand years unless The Father Himself perpetuated Their existence.

Mankind has a way of eliminating many things, redesigning to fit his or her own purpose, adjusting to accommodate their personal views, and of course, taking things apart so the original meaning no longer exists.

The world is being handed a Precious Gift, a Treasure. There were two other Major Times in the History of what We call ‘Christianity’. It was formally begun when The Father handed to Moses The Rules He Commanded to be for all time, a Constitution wherein the full meaning of morality was made evident. In that time, mankind found it difficult to be obedient, not just because of the culture or cultures that were evident, but mankind has a History of stubbornness, egoism, and many times delights in ignoring rules, commands.

Man was created with a nature, with an intellect, with a personality, with a conscience, and yes, all these things filter into the will; the will, the decision maker, but do not forget, guided by all these other areas of human life.

You live in a very precious time, precious because it has been given Divine Direction in such an intimate way, in such a personal manner; that is, by Its being written, It can travel throughout the world. A voice can only go so far, but Words can travel on the Winds of The Holy Spirit of God when They are written so that others can read Them, absorb Them, apply Them, live by Them, and be example of Them.

To do all this, The Father needs only a small voice, but an obedient voice, and one who is ingrained with responsibility to never deviate, and to allow no man, woman or child to inject other than What is Spoken Direct.

The world has been Blessed, and as We are given the privilege to alert mankind, to teach mankind, and to pass to mankind the Importance of What The Father Wills for each one’s Soul, also what the Soul Truly Consists Of, in spite of what any man, woman, could deny It to be.

How else would you have such an understanding of Christianity, of the strength in Christianity, of the purpose of Christianity? Without a Portion of God within you, you would lack the understanding of the Importance of this Great Gift of Love, this Great Gift of Hope, and the understanding that life has a Purpose beyond the time of living the human life, the human way.

God has Blessed the world in many ways. God has given Hope, because through Hope there is Light, and when there is Light, there is Enlightenment.

Be sure when you pray, you remember that prayer has a tremendous communication, prayer has strength, and through prayer, there is a truly meaningful way of saying:

‘I love You, God. Thank You for giving me the Faith to know You Exist, because just knowing this, I feel the strength of a oneness with You, and that You truly hear my prayers, my needs, and all I wish.’ So be it.”