The Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 13, 1992 at 4:00 pm


“I am called ‘The Sacred Heart of Jesus’. When mankind looks at My Heart in a picture, in a statue, they relate to the physical portion that they can compare to what they know a heart is.

My Heart beats constantly with a Love no man could ever understand. The Blood you might see in some places, It shows a Drop or two or three. It is to draw your attention to what I feel. Think of the Drops of Blood as Tears falling from Me, because of the sadness I must endure because of mankind’s immorality.

Mankind has a saying when he or she is disturbed regarding a situation, an individual. Man says, ‘My heart aches with sorrow, my heart aches with pity.’ Man associates the heart with feeling, with love, with hope, with desire, with courage, with strength. My Heart says to mankind ‘Immortality’.

When I suffered a great loss when I was hung upon The Cross, the loss was My Worry, My Concern over the Souls that would be lost in spite of what I was going through for the Salvation of Souls.

Man says, ‘I see my life passing before me.’ I say, ‘There were times, as I hung upon The Cross, I had a clear sight of the Souls that were then upon the earth, and all those who were to one day be present in human life, and would suffer because of the decisions made by the living individuals wherein the Soul was placed.’

I hold this little instrument deeply for I show her a scene. I am hanging upon The Cross man gave Me. The agony was beyond endurance, and when the blow came and it pierced My Flesh, My Plea to The Father was, ‘Let This never be forgotten, so mankind will understand that This Passion, This Sacrifice was to show mankind what a terrible thing it would be to allow anyone to cause them to not see the Importance of What This was all about, and to learn to protect their Soul in the same manner they would protect their heart from evil.’ There was more to My Crucifixion than has ever been written.

I once said to this little one through whom I speak, ‘You cannot reject My Will, no matter how difficult the tasks may be.’ I said this many years ago, and she accepted, but with much fear, for I instilled within her the importance of obedience, the importance of dedication, and the importance of submission, that was not ordinary.

It is true, the first thing I took was her heart. She wanted it back immediately. To this day, she knows I am in possession of it, for as long as it is with Me, I am assured The Father’s Will, will be done accordingly.

We All smiled when a very personal thing was taken from her, her personality. She still searches for it. We give it back only at times, but only to a degree.

When I came for her nature, she fought a battle unbelievable, because nature to man is very, very real. Not always is there an awareness of it, but human nature has a strength in it, conviction in it, conscience in it.

Then one day, when she came to see Me, I said, ‘Now you will have to give freely, your will.’ She said, ‘I cannot do this, I will have no control of my being.’ What you see whenever you are with her is a full submission of her will directed by The Father’s Will, so that mankind would be able to have the Information He Decreed.

I must hold her tightly. The body is physically very tired, very weak. It is because We use it so much.

In the coming days, she will have many decisions to make, not all comfortable for her, but each one will have to be. She does not agree with all of them, but We know Our Will, will be done, for do not forget, this little one through whom I speak is totally resigned to the Will of The Holy Trinity.

Some men say, ‘I could do it.’ Not so.

She still asks for her personality to be returned fully. Human nature depends much on that particular facet of human life that is associated with human communication, human response, human companionship, human intellect.

When she was commanded to share a picture of My Heart with all of you, she never questioned it, but she did say one thing: ‘Be kind to them, for I know, as You knelt me before this picture, there was much physical hurt.’ It was the preparation for this day to be and more to come.

It is not easy to deal with mankind in the manner she must deal with mankind, because to some she is an oddity, and that is why We took her personality, We took her nature. It had to be. No human being could ever fully understand what the full submission of a will is to Divine Plan, because as they stripped the garments from My Body, I, too, wanted them back. I felt alone and naked of any protection from man.

This little one through whom I speak carries a very heavy burden. Nothing in the world can compare with it or to it. It is one alone. As I release her, it will be some time, not yet determined, that she will be able to be the way she responds automatically, for as I came today with My Heart open, the small Drops of Blood for her to see, I took something else from her. She felt it. She said, ‘What have You taken this time?’ I could not smile, but because of My Silence in answering her, she quietly said to Me, ‘I know You will tell me when I am ready to handle it,’ and I said, ‘Ah yes, now you are truly in tune with The Holy Trinity.’

I bless all who have the Faith to understand the Importance of This Great Miracle that has been so generously handed to man. We call her ‘Our little Victim Soul’. She does not like the Words, but nevertheless, the Words are true. As I was a Victim upon The Cross for all of you, this little one through whom I speak is a victim beyond mankind’s understanding or belief. So be it.”