Saint Peter Canisius

1521 - 1597

Saint Peter Canisius

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 2, 1992 at 3:35 pm


“I am Saint Peter Canisius. There is so much happiness to Each of Us Here when We hear children speak so lovingly regarding love for The Divine. The world you live in now is full of sadness, full of disgrace, full of permissiveness. Love for The Divine is not spoken of in the correct manner, for the correct reason, very much of the time.

There are so many self-appointed ministers who stretch their imagination regarding their ability to speak in a teaching manner regarding The Father, and mankind’s manner of responding to The Father through prayer, through Spiritual exercises. There is so much misinterpretation of past History, wherein Christianity was developed and Christianity was spread, for people to better understand the importance of living a pure life and the importance of communication with Divine Love.

There are so many different forms of teachings in your time, directing the minds of all ages to the necessity for following a path that is to be beneficial to the Soul of an individual. Mankind takes Christianity for granted. There are so many now who say, ‘I was a Christian once, but I have changed my way of life; I have renewed my thinking and I feel a great strength in it.’ My question is this: What form, what manner, what type of thinking have you acquired? Has it given you more strength in The Father’s Will, the Directions, the Clarity, the Understanding, the Benefits? Has it given you a stronger will to reject sinfulness, impurities? Has it made you more staunch in being example so that others will grow stronger in love for God, Faith in God, strength in their actions, and their admission of their Faith?

The world is so full of distraction, some of it caused by mediocre feelings, beliefs in the Full True Existence of God, of Heaven, of every individual’s responsibility for the Soul within the human being.

I have not spoken much through This Miracle, but that does not mean I have not watched It and listened to All that has been given. So much Teaching, simple and yet profound, is constantly administered, many times to the unsuspecting listeners, many times in just a Phrase or a Line. I have watched this and it is a Beauty to see.

There is so much strength sometimes, in a short phrase, a sentence, similar to a human phrase from one to another: ‘I love you,’ ‘Thank you,’ ‘You’re so nice to be with,’ ‘I enjoy your company,’ ‘It’s fun having you around.’ These are phrases people enjoy hearing. Remember, The Father enjoys hearing short phrases:

‘Thank You, God.’

‘Please help me, God.’

‘I love You, God.’

‘I’m sorry, God.’

‘Please forgive me, God; it won’t happen again.’

‘Help me to be good example.’

‘Help me to be the strength needed.’

‘Please, God, help me to be better.’

As I end My Words with you today, I say to you, ‘Your Faith is beautiful to see.’ I love you, because I know that with your Faith, your Soul will one day be with God for All Eternity. So be it.”