Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 5, 1992 at 2:45 pm


“All the Beautiful Titles that I am addressed by to get My Attention, I love. Each Title has a Special Meaning to It, Reason for It. The Father is constantly alert, aware, and happy when He hears a child of any race, color or creed call My Attention to a particular situation, an act of love, or a need.

I come through This Beautiful Miracle in the world to help mankind gain strength in love for The Divine. My Desire is greater than man can truly understand, because I am fully aware of how much strength, how much hope, how much courage passes quickly to a child when they request in a form of prayer, or merely in words they can speak, think. A plea for help is never unheard. A plea to help someone else is never dismissed. It is given attention immediately.

A mother’s love, in mankind’s thinking, has a warmth in it, a strength in it, a concern in it, a hope in it. Compare an earthly mother’s love with My Love. My Love for mankind is an Instant Love and a Love that, in so many ways, gives a Blessing when My Name is spoken, and passes through the Soul of an individual or individuals to a degree, in a manner that is many times evident by the one who receives It, because through Faith, through belief, through a love for Me, it is like a mother’s arms around the individual, showing care, and of course, answering in some form, some way, some manner, the prayer.

There are men who stand outside This Beautiful Miracle, and they are making accusations. Some are hoping that This Miracle is of Truth. Some are provoked because it is a woman through whom We speak, a little one in the world who acts in obedience immediately. Some who stand close to her, many times feel the Light of Our Love. Many times anyone who envies her feels restricted, confined, and some feel left out.

There are many throughout the world that need the Words We have passed through This Miracle, and your indecision in how to reach these people, We understand, but you cannot take the time that will stop These Words, because it is necessary for Them to be released to all corners of the world. You will find a way. It will take effort, but your love for This Great Miracle, your love for Me, will be a great aid. So be it.”