The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 8, 1992 at 4:21 pm


“Many men have deliberately chosen the vocation that is intended and formed to guide, to guard, to instruct millions of people regarding what human life was created for, what mankind should practice in the form of Spiritual Faith and growth. This is not something new in your time.

I have spoken consistently and constantly through this little instrument in the world. I rarely announce Who I am, but I Am The One Who is evident in Every Teaching, Every Formal Revelation, even when It is spoken by an individual Saint. I Am The Holy Spirit and I am in Close Contact, Association with each human being’s Soul.

A small instrument is used, whose voice is not one that by natural means speaks strongly or loudly or penetrating. The Power I Am uses this small voice to deliver thousands and thousands and thousands of Messages, easily understandable to mankind.

Many times when I speak, I do not announce My Name, nor do I allow the Saint to announce His or Her Identification, because the recipient of the Message could not handle the manner in Who was speaking, so It comes through as a natural form of human communication. Many times We smile at the temper of this instrument, for she is aware of Who is speaking and knows that the individual or individual’s arrogance is insulting, and it is difficult, not for herself, but because of from Where the Information, the Direction, the Teaching, the Instructing is forcibly coming from.

Mankind has been given a Gift of Divine Love at a time in the world when there is so much emphasis on impurities, and so much acceptable because of the so-called weakness of mankind.

The Father gave to mankind the easiest formula for a happy life: the Constitution,1 deliberately delivered in Words understandable to all races, all colors, all creeds.

I hold this little one tightly, for the physical has been pounded at in many ways, for many years, for the purpose for mankind to understand, to accept, to follow the path designed by The Father for the return of each Soul to Him.

You stand sometimes in a physical wind that as it touches your body, it can be overpowering and even knock you down. The Power that surges through this instrument of The Father’s is different than the power of the wind you know, but let Me assure you and confirm that the Power that surges through her being, an army of thousands of men could not withstand the Force unless they were individually prepared by Me.

There are so many in the world who want to be special, but they do not understand nor do they care to learn about it, that a Miracle such as This is not self-inflicted, for then it would have no worth, it would be humanly designed and humanly constructed, and have all human limitations.

This Miracle in your time is The Father’s Design, The Father’s Will, and it is important that all things pertaining to It are done for This Miracle to show Its Greatness, Its Full Significance, for there can be no doubt with All that has passed through It, Where It Originates From.

There are so many on the outside of this room, of This Piece of Land, who know of This Place, and connect it to human ability and human design, human desire to teach, but I assure you it is not humanly possible to have been done in this manner.

This little one has been prepared, instructed, and I add trained, to reject all that is to be rejected, implant all that is to be implanted, and to design the method, the means, the manner and the way, so that millions outside of this room will not just be able to enjoy What has been passed through her, but one day to see the Importance of This Miracle, This Place, and never doubt from Where It came, to make It possible.

There are some outside this room who would give their lives to walk in the way she has been instructed to walk, but they do not know the suffering, the responsibility, the obedience, the time, and of course, the loneliness in the midst of thousands that takes place every day, every night. Mankind looks at it as a focal point that is envied.

Inside her, many times a day, she says to God, ‘Don’t ever let them envy me, because in the envy it will cause their delay in serving You, and in learning to obey You for the good of their Soul.’

As The Holy Spirit We hear her tears, for they fall without being seen by mankind, but lest you forget, there is so much to be accomplished, so many Souls to be saved, so many personal changes in attitudes, habits, moral values, moral standards, moral ethics, you should not and cannot waste time, for time truly is important.

Mankind says, ‘I am tired.’

How many constructive things have caused this tiredness?

How many prayers have you spoken for the sake of others or for the sake of your own Soul?

Have you wasted time on criticism or rejection on something constructive to be done?

Have you ignored tasks that were necessary?

Has selfishness been the path you took, and resisted and rejected a charitable act?

Have you seen the sadness in someone’s face and helped in some way by what you call ‘social grace’?

Have you ignored another’s hurt?

Have you spoken just to get your way?

Have you stolen the happiness, by words of unhappiness, self-pity?

Have you killed in anyone today, the spirit of good living?

Have you taken hope when happiness was around, and added some remark that actually destroyed the hope and registered only gloom?

Have you struggled to get the attention because of your own self-love, and taken the other person’s time, when that time could have been spent on something to give hope, understanding, and a moment of sharing?

Have you respected other people or have you been disrespectful?

So many in the world today have faced this day saying, ‘It was special,’ but how many will be able to lay their head on this night and feel that no moment was wasted? Daily living is a Special Gift of Love from The Father. What each human being does with it reflects in the Soul. As I speak through a Soul to reach you, I want you to fully understand that when the time comes and the body is no longer the living part of you, your Soul is accountable to God for everything you did, everything you said. So be it.”

1 The word “Constitution” refers to God’s Commandments.