Saint Teresa
of Avila

1515 - 1582

Saint Teresa of Avila

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 9, 1992 at 5:20 pm


“I am Saint Teresa of Avila. I speak at this time for you to understand that though you are on a schedule, We are not. My speaking to you now is to assure you and ensure you that Our Presence is at any time in your day and night.

We understand that mankind must have order, scheduling for particular reasons, and this is good, but My speaking to you now is to remind you there is no time schedule Where We are. You have the ability to contact Us, and be aware of this practice you have available to you any time of the day or night.

So many use only a specific time to offer prayer, or a visitation with The Father or One of Us. Mankind many times schedules a time for prayer and ignores the availability for communication at what mankind would call ‘off times’, times that seem ordinary to do other things.

Prayer is a communication for many reasons. As you greet friends, as you discuss things with your family, you must also remember that We listen when you call Our Name, and We hear what you are thinking, what you are saying.

This time now with you is important, for it is enjoyable to Us when an individual of any age speaks about any subject, whether it is a request for help or hope, or just a salute of remembering Our Presence.

God’s Commandments should be a daily practice for every human being. There should be attention on Them, no matter what time it is registered on a timepiece in your time.

Mankind is the recipient of a tremendous degree of Love, because mankind is the custodian of a Precious Gift of Love, the Soul.

I hope you will remember My Words on the morrow, and every day from now on.

It is so nice to hear someone say: ‘God, walk with me’; ‘God, help me’; ‘God, remember, I’m not too sure of what I am about to do or what I am about to say.’ And then there are Others of Us Here Who also enjoy a small bit of attention from those who walk the human role, for do not forget We, too, walked that road and found ourselves on a schedule, but luckily, there were times when we remembered to speak silently or openly to Someone Who had gone before us, because we wanted Their Attention.

In this type of communication there is much satisfaction and much strength, for though you do not hear Our Response, We do in some form respond; you are never ignored. Some in the world may find this a ridiculous situation, but I, Saint Teresa of Avila say, ‘It’s worth a try and in it there is a good chance you will find much consolation.’ So be it.”