Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 9, 1992


“When I stood in many important places in past History, there were many who surrounded Me who had Faith in My Son only to the degree that they could feel comfortable with. I would see this, and many times it would concern Me deeply.

I stand in a watchful manner constantly where This Miracle is concerned, for the little one through whom so much passes, gives to mankind Our Words, many times in such a natural manner.

Many years ago, when she was standing in a hallway, she said a prayer: ‘God, if what I’m hearing is not You, please take it away immediately.’ I can give you her age: she was twelve years old. I show her the hallway.

As We spoke quietly in those days, preparing the small body for what was to come, there were many times which We would see her cover her head at night, for she would mistake Our Words, thinking it was someone around, someone where she lived.

This Miracle has been given to the world with Much Preparation, Much Intention, Much Information, for the benefit of millions of Souls to be saved. There are so many who say: ‘I would like to believe. I would like to see the one through whom All These Words pass.’ We know this, but We also know that the Written Words will be more beneficial for them to read, to see with their eyes, because in the Content they will better understand.

You have been given a great privilege to see the human form, to be with the human actions, and to hear the Words in a human voice. We never stop speaking through her, to her, even when she sleeps, for you see, at that time there is Instilling, so on the morrow she will be able to speak What We Deliver in such a natural form, that under ordinary circumstances it would appear as though she had studied the Words, memorized Them, for Them to come out so complete.

Yes, We call the child through whom We speak, a ‘Victim Soul’. Some that We know of, who show envy, gives Us much sadness, for they do not understand the Importance and the trials and tribulations of such a role.

There are so many in your time of life that assist at so many desecrations of The Beloved Sacrament That Is Truly What It Has Been Spoken To Be. There is so much sadness when It is taken so lightly, when mankind says ‘I believe,’ but in reality he cannot, or she cannot truly believe that The Sacrifice of Life is given through this Act of Love physically, to give strength, to give hope, and to heal the Soul of an individual.

Mankind speaks about many subjects, but when he speaks about Spiritual Events, Spiritual Phenomena, he sometimes rejects the Truth because It appears so final, so difficult, because It is connected to an Unseen Force, Unseen Source, because man has a way of wanting to touch, to feel, to see, to associate with Something that is beyond human understanding.

It is sad when We see that this child through whom We speak has to stand so firmly against so many odds, because it takes strength. You see, My children, I am your Heavenly Mother, and a mother many times can weep when a child is hurt or a child cannot succeed to the fullest, especially when there are Souls at stake or there is Communion with God being desecrated by unmannerly, undignified men, women and children.

It has gone on so long and it is sad that there are not enough who will stand up to those who are allowing it to be. It is a weakness when mankind accepts this desecration. Man says, ‘Well, I am not doing it, others are,’ but I, your Heavenly Mother say: ‘You are not speaking out to those in charge. It is time that they be spoken to, in a mannerly way but in a positive force, because you see, many of them have lost their Faith.’

I bless you with a Mother’s Love, through a Miracle that one day will live on longer than anyone present in your time, for the Words must never stop. They must continue to be passed to all of mankind because of the Importance of Them, because of the Significance of Them, and because it is The Father’s Will it be done for the Souls of every living human being, for do not forget, man is a Special Life. It is not like that of a tree or an animal or a plant. It has a Special Meaning to it, it has a Special Portion of God within it.

I beseech you, I beg you, protect your Soul and the Souls of others, for the time in which you live is a very sad time in the History of human life. So be it.”

“As the child tries to release the physical from the Power that surges through her being, it is a sadness that men who stand in so much doubt cannot see that when it is something as Great as This Miracle, What surrounds her and surges through her body is the Power of The Holy Spirit.

Many try to imitate such an Occurrence but no one can, because It is not a self-inflicted manner capable to be done by any human being.”