Saint Anne

c. 50 BC - 12 AD

Saint Anne

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 8, 1993


“I am Saint Anne. All the things that were spoken to you on this night in your time, were delivered to give you Instruction, Something for you to think about to help you better understand the importance of many issues. You are not expected to remember Every Word, but the subject matter is very important because it will guide you to understanding more about what the physical life for you is all about.

A child, such as you, stands before you with total attention to My Presence, difficult for many in the world to understand. They read the Words when They are in print, and yet it is incomprehensible for them, because they say, ‘If I were present, maybe I would better understand.’

I, Saint Anne, say: ‘The Words are meant for all people throughout the world, all races, all colors, all creeds. All ages must read These Words, must be taught What has been spoken. There has never been a time in the History of mankind, since the time that The Son of God walked the earth, that so much has been delivered through one Soul, for the benefit of millions of Souls throughout the world.’

When We see the Words passed to another, We are present. Granted, all reception of the Words are not greeted with great pleasure, but the Words one day will be found by another who will glance at It, read It, maybe one Phrase, and then will find a deeper understanding of what Divine Love is All About, what the physical life was meant to rise to, what the physical life was to do, to be aware constantly of The Father’s Will. The Gift of a will to man was a Gift of Divine Love.

Man prays for many things, prays for health, prays for earthly things, prays to be loved. The important thing is that man understand all prayers are heard, are answered to the degree The Father Wills them to be answered.

When a child says, ‘God, please help me save my Soul, so one day It will be returned to You in a state of purity that will please You,’ The Father, in His Joy at this request, blesses the child abundantly and says, ‘I will do all I can to give you the strength.’

It is difficult for some in the world to understand that so Many Here would speak through a little one. We say ‘little one’ because it is true, every human life is little compared to Where We are, and to the Soul that is a Portion of The Father.

You must understand that as you say, ‘Isn’t that a beautiful child,’ ‘Isn’t that little one that you look at a beauty to behold,’ the child may be a small infant, it may be one, two, three, four, five, but you respond to the child. Remember this, what I have said, because The Father responds to you in the same manner, the same way. You are never out of His Sight.

It is difficult for mankind to understand the Magnitude of The Father, but do not allow that to interfere with your love for Him. Your love is small but it is important, for your love for Him will one day be the love that your Soul will depend upon when a time for Judgment comes Its way. So be it.”