Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 13, 1995 at 11:25 am


“It is important for parents, grandparents, to encourage children to say a prayer, not once, but several times a day. Prayer should not be said only at the time one lays their head to rest, but upon awakening the next day, the first one, the first words should be spoken in a silent way, and then through habit, several times during the day, a personal prayer extending love, remembering that The Father is ever aware of every thought, every word, every act, each child or each adult performs every day. The child does not hear a response, but you can be sure that there is a response in a very quiet, silent way.

As human beings enjoy conversation with each other, acts of love from each other, children should be taught The Father designed it this way, and that He, too, enjoys hearing a small word, because each time it is done, the child, no matter what age, grows stronger morally and grows in more awareness of the importance through this communication that, without saying, draws attention that is strengthening in every way.

I speak through one who is with you, and yet in many ways more with Us. Her voice registers what We All want her to say, because in These Words, more than those present will learn the importance of communication. The Words are difficult for her to say because of the bond of closeness she has with Us. Her attention is more with Who We are, What We are, and you will find it in some ways more difficult to be with her in the following days.

A small voice and yet a firm voice, a small body and yet one that stands firm, because of the importance of the Responsibilities it carries. It is more difficult than you can imagine or understand, for her to be so constantly with man, because of the necessity that immediate response is always obviously at hand. When she withdraws, We many times command her to be seen, to participate. It is her obedience to Us that has allowed so much to be accomplished, so much of The Father’s Will to be able to be spread to millions throughout the world.

From those who deny This Gift of Divine Love, she quickly rejects them or stands firm, strong, for what she knows is Fact, Truth. When she is approached by what she terms ‘a weakness in Spiritual understanding’, she deals with it emphatically and without question. The receiver finds it difficult to oppose what she is so strongly aware of.

Those who are close to her realize, through the genteelness, there is a strong will that can be compared to a wall of iron, steel, many feet thick. Some men and women, in discussing her name, want to discredit her, but have not yet found the strength to penetrate the wall that, though unseen, is evident.

I am Saint Joseph. You have seen battlefields, one army fighting another; you have seen them hold weapons. This little one has the strongest weapon in the world — obedience to The Father’s Will. So be it.”