Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 10, 1995 at 4:16 pm


“I have many Titles.  I love Them all.  I am Your Heavenly Mother.

When a child kneels to pray to Me, I am always Present.  My Love for all children is undeniable, and when a child speaks My Name, it is like all mothers throughout the world, I respond lovingly.

Through this little one so much has been revealed, so much Information, so much Truth, so many deliberate Facts, instructing a Closer Union with All of Us Here.  Sometimes What We reveal takes much courage to repeat to others, because you see, the child is vulnerable to open attacks, physical, mental, moral.

Recently My Name was added to a prayer.  This prayer will not be readily acceptable to thousands who will hear it, and those who feel they have the right to control what a prayer should be.

As this little one repeats Our Words, she is bound by a tremendous Responsibility to repeat Them exactly as We speak Them.  In the last days, We hear many children of all ages repeating in various ways, a Prayer honoring Four of Us, instead of Three.

Courage comes in many degrees.  Courage comes through justice, honor, love, and it does not always have a feeling of security.  When We make Announcements through this little one, We do not expect all who hear Them to immediately agree, but Our Plan is that time will reveal the Logic, and the children will see It for the Value It is, the Truth It is.

What has been delivered is not a secret to be kept by those who heard It first, but It is to be delivered throughout the world so that others will see the Value of It, the Beauty of It, and feel the Importance of including Me in The Holy Trinity.  Some children who have heard What was first said, have practiced using My Name.  It is beautiful to hear, because you see, no one before this time ever dared to defy the original Words that were spoken, declaring it to be carried on through time with no change in its Word line.

I hear children saying this short prayer.  The Father smiles and says: ‘They’re working on it.  It will one day be said by millions, without question, without error, without concern of another’s opinion.’

A short prayer is very often a prayer that can be said rapidly, often during the day, and in the ability to repeat it, it’s like talking to loved ones, calling their name.  The prayer of course I speak of, is this:  You begin many prayers with it because it is a form, a way, a beginning, and then when you say other prayers, it closes in the other prayers, when repeating the Salutation.

I smile when I hear you practicing this short prayer.  It is a delight to Me now that this time has come, because I am always Present, and even though there is much dissension regarding a Word defining My Place as Part of The Divine, I do not expect mankind to fully understand this at first, but logic will eventually take over.  I am sure of this.  The prayer of course, is this, a Salute to All of Us:

‘In the Name of The Father and The Holy Mother, in the Name of The Son and The Holy Spirit of The Father.  Amen.’

Of course, time will decide the exact Wordings mankind will rely upon, best for them to use, for them to feel more at ease, adding My Name to this Very Important List.  So be it.”