Saint Bernard

c. 1090 - 1153

Saint Bernard

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 17, 1995 at 2:37 pm


“I am Saint Bernard. You do not realize what is happening in your time, but I come on this day to alert you, and in some ways It is a Warning.

Many prayers, many times mankind used to concentrate on, going in groups or singly, to speak to The Mother of God. They had names for some of these visits: Novenas, Holy Hours, Rosaries, and specific times when all things were drawn to the Attention of Her.

Mankind must return to such a manner of living, because She is being neglected in so many ways, so many times, and prayers to Her are not being solemnly spoken or solemnly thought. Children are not being taught what She is All About.

Mankind is distracted by so much humanism that they are ignoring specific times devoted to honoring The Queen of Heaven, The Mother of God. So much is going on in the world, causing distraction. So much immorality is prevalent, and so much entertainment based on immorality. Our Heavenly Mother must not be ignored, and mankind must begin to use time in honoring Her, also better understanding of Her Place in Heaven.

As I speak through a little one in the world, I hold her attention to a Vision that was spoken about earlier on this day, with children of several different cultures surrounding Her, and She lovingly taught them each in the manner and the way they could understand What She meant and What She had to say.

The world in which you live has more chaos in it than you fully realize. You must understand there is no peace when everything is chaotic. The world is disregarding so much that should be more fully understood regarding The Holy Trinity. All manner of men, women and children are more obsessed with new inventions that deal with nothing but immorality.

I stand with so Many Here in the Heavens, and We All listen to All that is passed through This Miracle, and We constantly say, ‘Father, they are listening, but they are not practicing sound moral living conditions.’

This time in which you live, a Special Gift of Divine Love has been openly handed to you, openly dictated, so you can use script to help yourself remember What was spoken. There is no place in the world that All of This is happening except here.

Be aware also, make a vow of obedience to God that you will spend more time saying Her Prayer. So be it.”