Saint Elizabeth

1st century

Saint Elizabeth

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 3, 1995 at 2:38 pm


“I am Saint Elizabeth. This Gift of The Father’s is much happiness to All of Us, because It is a Gift to mankind not just of Instruction, of Direction, but of a Love, the Type of Love We Here are All aware of.

Human life speaks of love, loving family, loving friends, even loving acquaintances. Each of these are a different degree of love, a different type of love, and some of it is termed just ‘friendship’. But Love Here in Heaven is beyond any type of love, degree of love, that mankind can be aware of, or I say venture into, because This Love radiates from The Father in a Light of Splendor.

When We see the birth of a child, We are All fully aware of every birth of every child. The Beauty in the Soul of the child is a Light We All remember.

Mankind’s inability sometimes to feel the Importance of human life or to respect human life, is a sadness to Us, because We are All fully aware that human life is a beautiful step to Here. It is a Gift of Divine Love from The Father, unable for mankind to fully understand, because some would say, ‘If my Soul is the only Part of me that returns to The Father, why should I be so careful of the physical, what it does, what example it gives?’ It is important for mankind to see the advantages in the physical, for there are many Degrees of Sainthood.

Mankind must be assured that all good acts, actions in human life are accountable to The Father, and of course, loved by The Father, because everything that mankind does reflects in the Soul. The greater the acts an individual performs, the Soul returns to The Father in a Light that to Him reflects the individual’s goodness in all matters and manners of human living.

Some who read These Words may find Them difficult to understand, but it is important for mankind to know that all things that occur in human life are recorded in the Soul of the individual, and the Soul is the recipient of all good, all wrong, thus giving that Soul a Specific Place in Heaven. There is sadness Here when We see a Soul as a victim of permissiveness, immorality, indecency, because the Soul bears a sadness unbelievable.

No place in the world is there instruction such as This. That is why All of These Words spoken through this little one must be seen throughout the world, for those of you close to her do not realize that many Souls will be lost if mankind does not read the Messages, and see the Value in Them for protection of the Soul that The Father Wills to be returned to Him in a Place called ‘Heaven’. So be it.”