Saint Christopher

3rd century AD - c. 251

Saint Christopher

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 5, 1995 at 11:05 am


“I am Saint Christopher. Many who once prayed My Way no longer do. It is a sadness to Me, and yet what mankind does not understand is that All of Us Saints Here work together.

Whenever a child of any age says a prayer, the Soul of the child is in immediate contact with All of Us, and though a Name may be mentioned by the child, directing the prayer in a personal way, the child’s Soul, as a Soul, is in Union with All of Us, because Here in the Heavens it is Our Soul that entered Heaven as an Individual Light of The Father, and All Souls are in Union with any prayer. Sainthood is associated to an individual name, because this is how mankind could rationalize an individual becoming ‘a Saint’.

There are so many things that mankind is learning through This Miracle of The Father’s Love. There are so many things that have never been spoken about before, and it is difficult for many who walk as directors of Spiritual Faith, to fully understand that all they have learned is but a minute portion of the Goal that human life was meant to be for All Eternity. We hear those who accept preaching to others, dominating their sermons with interpretations of written scripture. Some of these who follow this manner of vocation, instruct on what they interpret, what they feel will enlighten others, but in reality, many times humanism is what they base Eternity on.

We hear children of all ages pray for monetary needs; We understand these prayers. We hear children pray for physical help; We understand the importance of these requests. We hear children pray for success; others, at the same time, are praying for happiness. All subjects that mankind is aware of, there is someone praying for it to be allowed in some form. We hear children crying out for food, children of all ages. We hear children asking to get good marks educationally. We hear some people wanting those they know to love them. Many times We are asked to help someone forgive someone else for a hurt, for a disappointment. The list is endless.

If mankind would but allow himself and/or herself to see the Value of that Precious Gift of Divine Love within them, that Soul that is a Portion of The Father, mankind would find less stress and not feel a negative attitude, because this Gift of The Father’s Love is a Personal Gift at the moment of conception.

When mankind talks about the Soul, he or she does not realize the Magnitude of Its Existence. Through This Precious Gift The Father has given, instructing mankind on the absolute Fact that the Soul within each human life is a reality, It is what gives mankind conscience; It also instructs mankind on what is right, what is wrong, what is best.

There can be ten people together; each one is the custodian of a Soul. There can be one hundred, one thousand people together; each one has a Soul. The thinking of each one of these people passes through the Soul. Nothing escapes not being seen, not being heard. Mankind must understand this. As it has been said before by One of Us, human life is the only Creation of The Father’s that has this Gift Instilled in it at the moment of conception. There is no other living thing that has this constant Communication with The Father. There is nothing else created that has the Goal of Heaven.

Logic should tell mankind that human life is Special in every degree, every form, every age, and that human life must never be mistreated, abused, because it is Special and has a Purpose for its creation beyond mankind’s ability to humanly understand, but the very fact that so much has been given on The Commandments of God, mankind must realize there had to be a Purpose for These to be, so that mankind would have Guidelines to live each day with and by.

It is easy for mankind to read words instructing on different goals, but it is sad when We see anyone ignore The Rules of God, because nothing else is as important as The Rules He gave for mankind to live by. We find a sadness in that These Rules have been minimized in content, in direction, to the point where They are not complete, and They are allowing so many to believe more in the conciseness, than in the true, full meaning that each one was given for.

It is difficult for some men and women to believe that a Miracle of This Magnitude, of so much Instruction, passes through a small form, a little one, but logic would tell you and others, that mankind would always find some reason, some excuse, some doubt, so as to see a negativeness that opens the door for a reason to not believe All that has been spoken, All that has been given.

We are ever Present, because though We have gone before you, your Soul is always evident to Us; really not difficult to believe if you see the Value of It, the Importance of It, because if every move, every thought, every act you make is accountable, then does it not make sense to your human mind that there is a close Connection, Communication, that is consistent and constant at all times? So be it.”