Saint Anne

c. 50 BC - 12 AD

Saint Anne

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 1, 1995 at 1:10 pm


“I am Saint Anne. As I speak through This Gift of The Father’s, I speak with a Mother’s Love, and a Grandmother’s understanding. It is important for mankind to see the beauty of truth that is so important for the human life and for the Spiritual life.

The Father, in His Design of This Gift of His Love, did not leave one thing out. He gave This Miracle through His Holy Spirit, because He knew that by presenting This Miracle to the world on the Winds of His Power and in the Power of His Winds, It would reach every place where man was living, whether it be a long distance away from this place, or right next door.

Few people fully, truly understand the Importance of The Holy Spirit. Somehow or other, they associate It with a spirit like they feel within themselves; that is, a mood, a desire to take action, but The Spirit of God is Far Greater than the spirit that man associates It to. The Spirit of God is in every child born to the world, in every Soul that He places within the conception, no matter what race a child is born into. A child is born with a Soul, and this Soul is what guides the child in many ways, gives the child understanding of what is right, what is wrong, what is needed. The Spirit of the child sometimes is in a cry when help is needed. The Soul is the watchful Guardian many times over the life of the little one, because the little one cannot speak for himself or herself.

The Holy Spirit of The Father was once upon the earth in a physical form, protecting Two Others that were closely associated with The Father: Our Heavenly Mother and The Son, that many things have been written about regarding the Birth. The Holy Spirit of God is everywhere, and it is sad when It is not recognized for the Magnitude It is, the Greatness It is, and of course, the Importance of It being a Gift to every human life via the Soul.

Mankind says to another one, ‘I love you.’ This is an expression that dignifies the relationship and encloses the relationship with an importance, with a feeling of caring, of love. Mankind robs himself or herself of so much happiness, when sin of any kind, any degree, dulls the Spirit within them or causes any unhappiness.

The enemy of God and man envies mankind in many ways, but especially because of the Soul that is given to each human life at the moment of conception. Little children should be taught about this Precious Gift they carry within themselves. They should be taught to protect It, because It is a Portion of God.

It is sad to see so many not instructed on the closeness they have with The Divine, with God Himself. Some who read this might say, ‘How can I explain this to my child, or anyone else’s child?’ Very easy, just say it! It is amazing how quickly truth is accepted and valued, because truth has a definite encouragement in it. It gives stability, honor, dignity, to a place, a situation, a condition, or a personal feeling.

Be sure that you remember what I have spoken, because as I stood upon the earth, I remember many times when something that was so important was spoken with such love, such truth, that the value of it remained, and nothing could wipe it out or destroy it. Remember what I have said, and when you practice what I have asked you to practice, you will find a return that nothing else can give; that is, nothing monetary has this power in it. So be it.”