Saint Athanasius

c. 296 - 373

Saint Athanasius

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 1, 1995 at 4:24 pm


“I am Saint Athanasius. This Gift of The Father’s is far more Precious than any man, woman or child can truly understand. The difficult part for mankind to understand is that a Phenomenon such as This is not common, not ordinary in the time man lives.

We smile when We see different individuals searching for mysteries, to read novels that are different, especially in scientific measures and means. All We speak through this little one has more Information, more Direction than any novel mankind can find in any library throughout the world.

The Personal Contact of The Father is not realistic to some. They say, ‘It cannot be,’ but All of Us Here know that The Father has given This to mankind for Important Reasons, and The Father Himself has delivered many Words of Directions, of Love, instructing mankind on the Importance of human life.

Even though there may be, in some place, in some language, a little touch of the Mystery of Heaven, the Beauty of Sainthood, what passes through This Miracle is Personal, direct, and has a clarity in Everything that is spoken, is written, is delivered. It is handing to mankind firsthand, the Importance of human life and the Closeness that human life has with The Divine — the Connecting Link, the Soul.

When We hear different prayers directed to different Ones of Us Here, Many of Us hear the prayer at the same time. A prayer is always answered, whether it is answered in the form of exactness to the request, or in a way and a manner that, in reality, serves more purpose, or gives a specific strength that is needed at that time. There are many men and women throughout the world who follow different forms of Faith. All are listened to, because God is The Father of all mankind, and God allows no one to not be heard.

This Blessing that has been handed to the whole world has been given at a time of great need, because the enemy of God and man has introduced into many areas, so much humanism, so much acceptance of humanistic values, practices, that in many ways do not agree with The Father’s Will for mankind to practice purity. There are many things that have been introduced also, that cause a blindness to the mental and the physical, that allows mankind, encourages man to act wrongly.

There are millions of people throughout the world who must begin to know about This Gift of The Father, that is instructing constantly on the Importance of the Soul. Even the greatest doubters in the world can be reached, because of so Many of Us Who have delivered Messages, touching on many parts of human life, many avenues of understanding.

This Miracle was given through a particular child, in a particular place, at a particular time, and though It has grown immensely and has become known to thousands, It must become known to many millions, because there are millions of people throughout the world who will gain moral strength, physical strength, Spiritual strength, just knowing that This Miracle exists, that We have spoken, that We are this close to their way of life, that We are as close to their thoughts, because of the Soul that is within them.

Mankind places so much emphasis on the mind. This is not wrong, but mankind must understand that the mind is connected to the Soul, and what passes through the mind passes through the Soul, and what passes through the physical actions of every human being, registers in the Soul.

Man was given a very special Gift, ‘a will’. The will has the ability to give the strength to perform physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, in a degree that will cause the Soul Greater Glory when the time comes for the physical to pass.

All of Us, when We enter to speak, do it according to The Father’s Love and Will, because you see, it is important for mankind to see the importance of purity in all acts of life, to see honesty, truthfulness, because in these things there is Divine Light.

Whether you are the ones writing This, What I have just spoken, or the ones who will one day read It, I send you a Blessing that will help you to look at All the Revelations that have passed through this little one, because in Each One of Them there is an important issue regarding the Soul that no one is born without, and that mankind must understand It is the Portion of mankind that is meant to be a Saint. So be it.”