Saint Clare

1194 - 1253

Saint Clare

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 14, 1995 at 1:58 pm


“I am Saint Clare. There is no Miracle of Divine Love exactly like This Gift of The Father’s that hands to the world so much Direction, so much Personal Information, so much Love.

All that has been delivered through this little instrument of The Father’s must be passed throughout the world. If These Messages are not passed to millions of people, millions of Souls could be lost, because the enemy of God and man works every moment of every day, doing everything to encourage mankind to do what the individual wants to do, in spite of whether it is wrong to oneself or wrong to anyone else, or even wrong to a number of people at any given time.

In comparison to other times when morality was in such a decline, All of Us Here want you to know that immorality is justified by millions of people, using excuses, plus justification of all the impurities they are active in, or that are taking place amongst others, by others, with others.

The Father has given to the world This Gift of His Divine Love in such a Personal, Direct Way, through a small voice, and through one who walks in the world like all others. It is important for mankind to see the value in the way This Gift of The Father’s Love has been Designed, and the Beauty in how He uses Words understandable, and never anything too deep for mankind to understand the value of the meaning, the importance of the meaning, the reality of the meaning.

When These Words are transcribed into other languages, We fully understand that some of the descriptive Words might take on a little different meaning, but the culture of the people, the mentality of those who will read Them, will find in Them a degree of strength that will be sufficient for each of them to better understand the importance of the Gift of choice to mankind, choosing morality over immorality.

The Father has given to every human life a Treasure, a Gift, the Soul. No human life is born without It, and every human being has a responsibility for It, but what most do not understand, that the Soul many times, is what mankind calls ‘conscience’. When there is a decision to be made, the Soul acts as the conscience, so that right will be the decision, not an impurity.

Mankind talks about the strength in one’s mind, the ability to make decisions, and the Gift of understanding right from wrong, good from evil, justice over injustice. Does it not make sense then, that it is the Soul within human life that has a great influence many times on a final decision? Remember, I said ‘influence’, because you see, the will of the individual is the final decree.

So much has been spoken through This Gift of The Father’s, so much Instruction, Everything so understandable. We cannot see any justification for excuses, for misinterpretation of All that has been delivered through This Miracle of Divine Love. So be it.”