Saint Jude

1st century AD

Saint Jude

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 15, 1995 at 1:52 pm


“I am Saint Jude. When mankind receives a gift that pleases him or her, much appreciation is expressed, and there is an obvious joy shown.

The Father has handed to the whole world a Gift of His Divine Love, allowing so Many Saints to speak, giving Directions for all personalities, all types of people. These Messages are in many ways personal to many, and sometimes when We see someone reading Something that We know will help them immensely, We in Our way, try to encourage the repeating, the time to read more in-depth on the subject matter.

The Father has never left mankind alone at any time since the beginning of the Creation of mankind, because The Father has given to mankind a will, a nature, a heritage, and a thirst for knowledge, a desire to learn about many things. The Father introduces His Love in ways that are understandable, so that every individual has a Link to Him that is not just tangible, but informative. The Link The Father has with each human being is a Portion of Himself, the Soul.

Sometimes the temperament, the personality, the nature of an individual resists certain things, because of something else that feels, seems, or is more attractive to the individual’s way of life, or likes, or dislikes at a particular time.

Mankind forgets that God is so close, so understanding, and so much a Portion of mankind. It is difficult for mankind to see human life as it really is, a Special Gift of Love. That is why it is so sad when the subject of abortion arises. Many times this is practiced out of unneeded fear, jealousy, or some issue that could be solved easier with more understanding of what a birth truly is.

When We hear mankind talk about the fear of loneliness, it is really the wrong word to use, because man is never alone. God is always within him or her.

This Gift of The Father’s Love that has been delivered for such a long time, deliberately instructing on the Importance of human life, the Goal of human life, and The Father’s Love for human life. True, not all things have been passed on in the complete detail that mankind feels were left out, but The Father is The Designer of mankind, The Creator, and all that man is, is The Father’s Decision, because within each human life there is a Portion of Him that is ever present, always available; and there is no time, day or night, that the Soul in each human life is not aware of each and everything the individual does, says, is part of, in whom this Soul has been placed to protect, and to be the One Part of the human life that will remain forever, representing the one in whom It was placed at the moment of conception. So be it.”