The Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 18, 1996 at 3:53 pm


“I am The Sacred Heart. The world has been given a Gift of Divine Love. This Degree of Love, Type of Love, is Far Greater than mankind can understand love to be. My Heart is Aglow with children of all ages who desire to gain Sainthood as their Goal of life.

It is understandable that when a child prays, they pray out of total Faith, a different type of love than he or she reacts to, to another human being, but the love for The Father, and for Anyone Here Where I Am, is a love that is never forgotten, never passed over without Us remembering the one who expressed love through a small act, through a prayer, through the open words, saying: ‘I love You, please help me. I have no one to turn to, but I know You will answer my prayer.’ No One Here can resist such an act of love, such dependence, so much humility, and the innocence in it We understand.

I reach you verbally and in the written Word, through one such as you, because in this way it is personal in this degree: I know you will understand more personally, intimately, lovingly, that What I have spoken you will understand mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Children of all ages need to know that We are totally aware of everyone’s needs, and when a child of any age speaks a prayer, thinks a prayer, or desires to be in touch, We respond immediately. You cannot hear Us, you cannot feel Us, but the Faith that you hold dear is a closer association to Us than is possible for you to feel, understand, and sometimes even to believe.

You say to another one such as you, ‘I love you with all my heart.’ This is an expression of endearment, because this type of love is special in meaning, because the heart of every human life says in its every beat, ‘living’. So as you look to The Heart of Mine, know that I understand all you have to say, and your prayers will be answered in the best way. Never feel they go unheard, because I want you to remember, ‘I love you with My Whole Heart.’ So be it.”