Saint John
the Baptist

c. 1 AD - 28-36 AD

Saint John The Baptist

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 19, 1996 at 1:59 pm


“I am Saint John The Baptist. It will be a surprise to some to hear or to read that I am speaking at this time in your time, but My Words are being allowed by The Father, directed by The Father, because of the importance of what I am about to speak.

Baptism has a specific purpose to it, reason for it, importance in it, for the one who is in charge of this form of Grace, that is to be practiced in a dignified way to a recipient, whether it is a baby or an adult, bears a step of what is called, ‘A Sign of Purification’.

Some would say, ‘A baby is pure.’ There is no doubt about this, but through past History, historical History, the Sacrament of Baptism was addressed in a special way, not to make all one religion prominent, but to bring an awareness of the Soul that was within each birth, each human life, and erase any blemish, but also to make others realize that the Soul is the recipient of all that is impure.

Many accept Baptism as an act of necessity, but do not see it for its full implication, and reason for its application. There is much more to this Act of Love than mankind truly, fully understands. It is an Act of Faith in God, an Act of Love for the one receiving the Blessing. There are so many reasons that mankind at one time thought about regarding this Blessing at this time, this cleansing for the mind, the body, and the Soul.

Today, in many ways, it is done without the realization of the full magnitude it represents, because mankind has become more mechanical in gesture, in practice, in belief. Each time Baptism is given, it speaks out loud ‘Faith in The Father’s Way and Will’, and it is also an introduction as to how the Soul must be kept in a pure state, in spite of all temptations that arise through life.

When mankind hurts someone close to them, or someone else, they say, ‘I am sorry.’ The Act of Baptism says not ‘I’m sorry,’ but it beseeches God to give strength to the individual, morally, mentally and physically.

Remember My Words, for My Words are important for all ages to fully understand the Act of a Blessing, using water as the cleansing; plus, if it is one older than an infant, it gives strength to their moral values, moral standards, thus giving dignity to more response for the act of purity to be followed through in all areas for the Soul of the individual.”