Saint Catherine of Siena

1347 - 1380

Saint Catherine of Siena

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 29, 1996 at 1:38 pm


“I am Saint Catherine of Siena. When I walked in the human form and I was instructed to be obedient in ways different than others understood, it was not always easy, because those present, or those who would hear about what took place, many times were critical, not understanding, so even though I tried to ignore or hide my anguish over the situation or situations, it made my tasks more difficult.

We see similar situations in your day. It is many times difficult for this little instrument of The Father’s to be amongst those who have no understanding in Who she is listening to, or why she makes certain decisions suddenly. We are many times very cautious when she is amongst strangers, because as they are attracted to her presence, she is ever aware of their ability, their human understanding being limited to a Miracle of This Magnitude, or that It is a Miracle of Instruction.

We oftentimes smile at strangers to her, because they are drawn to her friendliness, her openness, and her sincere attitude of remembering them, and her recollection of what conversation they had with her before. She knows that everyone throughout the world who can possibly be reached should know of This Miracle, because of the Souls that need the strength of What is directed, also because there is so much moral weakness that can be termed ‘totally, immorality to its fullest degree’.

Children are not being instructed properly on what immorality is. Children are not being instructed properly on the full meaning of God’s Commandments. Needless to say, many intelligent adults do not find God’s Commandments to be necessary, to not just know, but to be followed daily in everything they do, everything they say, everything they think, and also to be example of These Commandments to everyone they come in contact with, whether it be family, friends, business, or social contacts.

If I were to allow you to look into private areas of business, educational, home life, social, and any other activity that mankind is involved in, you would be appalled at what you would see, hear.

You do live in a time of great immorality, but do not forget that there are many degrees of immorality. They can be compared to the degrees of sins that mankind is capable of doing. You have a terminology called ‘venial or mortal’ regarding the degree of a sin. A venial sin has many degrees. It can be a slight act of inconsideration harming someone else, or it can be an act of impurity that stains abusively, the Soul of one or more people. Then you have what is called ‘a mortal sin’, and this too has degrees of how it reacts on the Soul. Mortal sins come in all forms, all areas of life, and are deadly in how they abuse the Soul of the individual or individuals.

Mankind is no longer instructed on the importance of knowing that impurities of the mind and the body can in many ways torture the Soul, because of the devastation that the Soul is attacked with. Many times an individual, in making a decision on whether to perform an impure act, knows instinctively that that act will have a devastating effect in some way, on the mental, the physical, and oftentimes an individual will ignore this area, and be only concerned with what it will affect, how it will affect their social standing, or other people’s attitude toward them.

This Miracle, This Gift of The Father’s that has so deliberately, so patiently, so clearly instructed mankind on so many areas of human life, on the Importance of the Soul of human life, must never be taken lightly, because at ‘this time’, in your time, God has given to mankind an important task: first, by delivering What The Father Wills, and then by the Script to record What The Father Wills, and then the distribution of All that is recorded, for mankind throughout the world to be able to read and be instructed in such a Personal Way, to such a Great Degree, on the Importance of what human life was created for, and on that Important Gift of Divine Light that is within each human being, called ‘the Soul’.

No Words are ever to be dismissed as not for the time in which man lives. All that has been given must be recorded and kept to be read again, and again, and again, and again, by all ages of mankind to come at a later time. So be it.”