Saint Alphonsus Liguori

1696 - 1787

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 1, 1996 at 11:07 am


“I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori. It is difficult for many men of theological backgrounds to understand why The Father would choose one to speak, backed by so Many Saints Who know that the little one through whom They speak has no theological background, only Faith in The Father, and the innocent Faith that He allows so Many of Us Here with Him to give Direction to millions of people throughout the world, regarding that Important Gift of His Divine Love they are created by, with: the Soul that is a Portion of The Father.

The Soul is Special, because within human life the Soul is a Divine Light that cannot be seen, nor can It truly be felt physically, even though the senses of human life are so acute, and are able to react to so many sounds, words, and all things that mankind can be alerted by.

We hear men, women and children wondering about the importance of prayer, and sometimes even asking if Anyone ever hears the prayer or prayers they are saying. Let Me put it in a manner, in a comparison way: You put your finger in a fire, you are instantly aware of what occurred. The Soul is even quicker than an open act like this, because the Soul, as a Portion of The Father, knows every thought, every intention that anyone has, and of course, in this Great Power that the Soul is and has, It works hand in hand with the one in whom It is, because It is also the Messenger of all behavior of the individual, and many times saves the one in whom It is a Part, from dangerous times, whether they be natural or diabolical.

The whole world must hear of This Miracle that The Father has given, because Everything is so logically sound, so understandable to the human mind, that it does not take years of learning.

A baby cries; those around do not understand why the baby cries. There is always a reason. A baby is subject to those in charge, and through the temperaments, the personalities, the instincts, the love of those in charge, the baby, for the most part, can find personal security. We see people of all ages make remarks about the innocence of the baby, plus many other adoring remarks. The human life in the beginning is totally dependent on those older. The child cannot live without attention physically. The child is subjected to whatever the system is in that particular place. The child can be victimized by inadequate caring, and mankind must remember that every one of these children are born with a Portion of The Father, a Soul.

We hear some say, ‘If human life has a Soul, then why was it not created more capable of undertaking the physical needs sooner than it does?’ In the Creation of human life, The Father gave to mankind necessary responsibilities, because in these responsibilities it gives to those in charge more understanding of what human life is all about; plus, human life starts with a union of living cells, and instantly in these cells, a Soul is placed, giving human life an Importance, because in human life there are moral values always to be considered. It is important that mankind become more fully aware of what a Great Gift of Divine Love human life is.

It is true, some are chosen to hold more responsibility than others, but there is no one ever born that should not learn the importance of daily living, even those who are considered in the state of retardation, or some physical problem, adversity, that appears to be incapable of changing for the better.

We hear so much about humanism, and the relaxed views on what human beings are entitled to, always eliminating That Portion within each human life, the Soul.

Many of Us have spoken through This Miracle of The Father’s Love, This Gift that is beyond what mankind can comprehend in many ways to the fullest degree It is, but This Miracle of His Divine Love must scatter like raindrops throughout the world because, remember, drought is a terrible thing, Spiritual drought is worse. So be it.”