Saint Stephen

c. 5 AD - 34 AD

Saint Stephen

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 22, 1996 at 12:23 pm


“I am Saint Stephen. The Father has given to mankind a Blessing of Knowledge, Information, through This Miracle of Divine Love. The Greatness of This Miracle may not be fully seen in your day, but as the Words are passed down through time, mankind in all cultures of life will not just learn, but will be happy to see What We have delivered in writing, helping them to better understand the Importance of human life, and the Love that had to be for so much Information to be delivered at a given time.

Children should be taught about the Soul that they have within them that is a Portion of God. This Gift of Divine Love, though It cannot be seen, It is automatically felt, because It is a Union of human life with God Himself.

We hear some at this time brag about not believing in God, not accepting that there is a God, that man has the power within himself or herself to create other human beings, thus totally ignoring that Gift of Divine Love that, without It, mankind would be like all other animal life.

We hear men, women, and even some children say a quick prayer, ignoring the importance of this prayer, treating it as though it was a quick ‘Hello’ with no meaning to it, no personal feeling for it, to someone they casually meet in a fleeting moment of encounter.

There is very little truly instructed to children at this time, of the Importance of human life, and that human life is made to the Image and Likeness of God. He proved this to mankind a long time ago by openly declaring a Particular Child as being a Son of His. Logic would tell mankind that The Mother was not ordinary, that The Father was not ordinary, but the Lesson would help mankind to understand the Closeness that God is to man. Through time, We have heard so many interpretations, misinterpretations of the Story of the Birth of The Son of God.

The Father’s Love for mankind exceeds any love man can claim to have, because God’s Love has a Purpose, a Meaning, a Goal, a Sensitivity to It. It is a Love that is beyond human understanding, and yet It is a Love that mankind innately knows is a Love of Great Value that should be treated with dignity, honor, respect, and personal communication.

The world is saturated with heretics, plus much evil, much humanism. There is so much self-love in some men and women, even children, yet this love bears moral weakness, physical weakness, and mental rejection of the Importance of each individual’s Association with The Creator of All Things.

We hear individuals say to others, ‘I love you,’ and in their thinking they do, because love is association closely knitted to bond people together, giving strength to human values, interests, concerns, but it is important for mankind to remember that there is a Greater Love than human love, and both are necessary to human life.

As I speak through a small voice, I want you to understand that the voice We All use, though soft in manner, delicate in sound, is all The Father needs to vocally communicate His Divine Love with man. So be it.”